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    Tree Health and Maintenance: Hire Professionals

    By on Last modified: March 6, 2019

    Trees happen to be important features for a home considering they enhance the curb appeal, add to privacy and provide the much needed shades in summer, however, if not taken care of well, they can just as easily become a threat both for you and your home because of their size.

    Same as other plants, trees require care to be the healthy, lively home features they are and sometimes it can be more of a job for a specialist rather than a DIY project you can get your hands to.

    Hiring the services of tree specialists makes a great long-term investment as they can give you some basic advice on what to do with the autumn leaves of deciduous trees if you’ve gotten tired of raking, turning them into mulch or compost, and speaking of which teach you the importance of pruning then mulching tree branches and applying it to your trees.

    mulching tree branches

    Pruning can seem like an easy task but most often you’d need the right set of tools and equipment to be able to do it which you might not have or know how to use them as opposed to arborists who’ve had years of experience with this tree maintenance. The simple pruning when done wrong can cause accidents, so why risk it?
    Mulch is ideal for numerous reasons, starting from reducing weeds in the garden beds, helping with the tree health and looks by offering a variety of nutrients essential for the fertilisation of the soil, as well as protecting from soil evaporation, you have to include it as part of the basic care.

    You could also order from a variety of mulch and get an arborist’s help in estimating how much it is you need to apply to your trees. Additionally, you could count on advice on how to properly water the specific trees, make the choice on soil they best thrive in, and how often to fertilise them.

    Along with pruning and mulching tree branches, arborists are vital for inspecting whether a tree is sick or unsafe, detecting potential diseases, infestations and threats, so they can provide your trees with the needed treatment and maintenance right away, saving them and your property in time.

    This refers to dealing with trees near powerlines and trees damaged from storms equally, removing them if necessary and clearing out the debris properly to protect you and your home and minimise any further damage.

    Invest in your trees’ beauty, hire arborists!