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    Ways to Transform Your Outdoor Area into an Inviting Gathering Place

    By on Last modified: June 23, 2021

    It’s not because it’s wintertime that the days of enjoying outdoor parties and casual get-togethers are gone. By just adding a few design elements to your outdoor space, you can extend the good times through the fall and winter months. Here are some great ways to enjoy your yard through the year.

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    Heat Things Up

    One easy way to extend your time spent outdoors is by adding a source of heat near your seating area. In addition to warming up cold guests, the firepit is a nice place to gather around and drink a hot beverage or roast marshmallows. 

    The many styles of firepit available today mean that are options for all tastes and budgets. From elaborate to casual looks, traditional to modern, you’ll find many designs that will suit and complement your style. The outdoor fire pit also comes in many shapes, sizes and forms including fire pit bowls and tables in round or square design. Most portable fire pits are made of metal as it’s durable, easy to clean and virtually fireproof. No matter which one you choose, all can make backyard living more enjoyable. 

    When it comes to fuel, you can choose between wood and propane or natural gas. If you love the sound of a crackling fire and an aroma that will linger on your clothes, then a wood fire pit can be a great choice for you.


    It’s natural, cheap, and brings the nostalgic warmth and glow of a classic campfire. When it comes if can you have a firepit in your garden, it’s not advised to use a wood-burning fire pit under low branches or in windy areas. Consider checking with your homeowner’s association, city, or county for restrictions pertaining to your outdoor fire pit. 

    Propane or natural gas pits can be used on open porches with overhead roofs, and are generally neater, with no pile of wood, ashes, smoke or debris with which to contend.

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    They also offer you a level of control over the fire, something that you won’t get with wood. But keep in mind that these fire pits cost much more to run and produce less health than wood-burning fires. 

    Change Barbecue for Pizza

    While barbecue is and will always be the centrepiece of any outdoor space, making pizza is also fun. Plus, adding a pizza oven to your outdoor space will create a natural gathering and entertaining space that offers cozy comfort and warmth through all the seasons. A pizza oven is not only a great conversation starter but can quickly become your new favourite way to cook. In fact, it’s something you and your guests can all participate in – let all your guests assemble their own personal pizzas, and just minutes later, each one of them pulls out a perfectly golden pie with flavourful ingredients they love. 

    Pizza ovens can be made of brick, stainless, or aluminium among other materials. While all of the ovens could work great in your backyard, your style of cooking may dictate which oven would work best for you. A metal outdoor pizza oven takes less time to heat, which means getting your oven up to cooking will be faster.

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    However, metal ovens don’t retain heat as well as a brick oven and will cool quicker when you let the fire die down. A brick oven can hold heat for a longer amount of time. Once it has been heated to a specific temperature, it will hold the heat for many hours. On the downside, a brick oven takes longer to heat because the bricks absorb the heat, so you’ll need a little more time (about 45- 90 minutes) to get the brick oven to its cooking temperature. Thin, on the other hand, gives you plenty of time to prepare your food and have a drink while the fire is heating up!

    If you are wondering it’s safe to use an outdoor pizza oven in cold temperatures, the short answer is yes. These ovens can be enjoyed regardless of the weather – they’re completely safe and can be used all the time. 

    Spa Tub

    If you are planning to host a party this winter, why not make it in spa tub? Be prepared with lots of towels and extra robes for your guests and put on some uplifting songs. Relaxing with friends under a cold starry sky while enjoying some hot wine or hot chocolate is an evening your guest won’t soon forget. Plus, soaking up in a hot tub is a real luxury. The warm, steamy water keeps you warm and comfortable outside in the cold fresh air while also offering you hydrotherapy health benefits, such as relaxing sore joints and muscles. 

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    Once you decide to invest in your own spa tub, choosing the right one can be a challenge. The size, seating and electric needs are the biggest factors in narrowing down the perfect hot tub, so consider these first. Also, make sure to measure the spot you’ve picked for your spa before deciding on a spa size. And if you are planning on inviting guests or relatives over, make room for a larger tub with more states. After all, you won’t want to be taking turns in your new hot tub. 

    When it comes to material, acrylic is the most common spa shell material, but vinyl, roto-cast polymer and wood are also options. The spa shell not only determines the flood of the tub, but also its cost, insulation and strength. The more jets your tub comes with the best massage you’ll get. However, more jets can add up to the cost of energy. And while you don’t need colour lighting systems or audio in the spa, these options can make your soak better and can be a fun addition to a hot tub party. If you are thinking about adding these options, shop around beroe you pay thousands extra.