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    Wedding Table Settings – Make an Elegant Impression with the Right Linens

    By on Last modified: August 8, 2018

    So now that you have a sparkling ring on your finger and a huge smile on your face, it is time to start planning your perfect wedding day. I recommend you to start working on the basics first – book a venue, create the guest list, find a wedding theme and choose a colour scheme that you will love. But besides all of these “big” decisions, one of the trickiest choices you will need to make when planning your wedding is choosing the tone of the linens. This is important because they are on every table, which means they will be a dominant element that will have a great role in setting the ambiance for the entire reception. So for the sake of helping you out to make the most out of your wedding’s design scheme, below I’ve listed some tips that I believe will make choosing your wedding table linen colour much easier.

    What’s the Vibe?

    The tables at your reception are not just spots where your guests can sit and eat their dinner while waiting for the nervous speeches – as a matter of fact, they are important design elements that make up the overall feel of the event. So, if you want to create an easy-going vibe, relaxing muted hues are just what you should be after. On the other hand, if you want your wedding to be a black tie event, rich tones are definitely the right choice.

    Consider Table Runners

    Table runners are a great way to add dimension and bling to your tablescape. Whether it is for the guest tables, food table, or dessert table, they can add the much needed “wow” effect. When it comes to colours, try the ones you’ve already chosen for the entire wedding colour scheme. Go for a Burlap table runner if your decor is in rustic style or vintage; choose a light pink one for a romantic and soft look or a green table runner to match the beautiful green shrubbery. You can also go for greenery or a floral runner on top of a fabric one. These are just some ideas to inspire your imagination – these decor pieces are available in basically all shades so you can choose whichever fits your overall design scheme best.

    Table runner
    Burlap table runner

    Where Is the Event Taking Place?

    What do you like most about your reception? What features and attributes do you want to highlight and which ones do you want to hide? Focus on complimenting and accentuating what you like best by matching the wedding table linen shades to it. For example, if your venue will be taking place indoors in a building with large windows, a soft ivory or white table linen will help reinforce the look. But if you have opted for an outdoor reception lush with greenery, the best idea is to keep your decor light with blushes and light pinks.

    wedding centerpieces
    Light decor with blushes and light pinks

    If you are feeling a little uninspired or need help narrowing your options down, there are millions of beautiful photos of wedding receptions on the internet that you can look at to get your creative juices flowing. You can search by colour, theme, or style that best suits your taste and this might make it easier for you to get an idea of the table linen choice that will work best for your event.