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    What are the Essential Calligraphy Supplies You Need to Get Started

    By on Last modified: November 3, 2020

    If you, like many other people, are in awe of beautiful handwriting, then you will probably love calligraphy. Calligraphy is a type of visual art that has been present since ancient times, and it focuses on writing letters and symbols in many different ways. It’s different and far more graceful than ordinary handwriting…

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    The Story of Calligraphy

    Calligraphy is an old handwriting technique that got a modern revival around the 600 B.C.E in Rome. It all began with the appearance of the European iteration of the art in a Latin script. After that, it was also painted on walls. But besides this, the Bible and some other religious texts were also copied and painted.

    This way of painting/writing managed to survive even the fall of the Roman Empire and continued to evolve until the 15th century. During this period, it was the appearance of the printing press that made calligraphy a second choice.

    However, in the 19th century, calligraphy found its way back when this way of visual handwriting was modernised. In that time, the letterer Edward Johnston began studying manuscripts of calligraphy and later on he produced a lot of publications on the subject. That was the time when calligraphy was brought back to life, and he showed and taught many others the beauty of writing calligraphic. He even developed his own calligraphic style that is written with a broad pen.

    Lots of different pens have appeared on the market since then, and thanks to the modern and developed technology, this visual art has found a place in the hearts of many. Although calligraphy can be imitated through digital fonts and prints, those who enjoy writing, know how special and difficult it is to write something in such style. And in order to become successful in this, having the right calligraphy supplies and devoting time to lots of practice is paramount.

    essential calligraphy supplies

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    Essential Supplies for Calligraphy


    These come in different levels of thickness, thus giving you the opportunity to become a pro in creating wide lines, thin lines, fancy flourishes and many other calligraphy techniques. Nibs can be sold separately or in an artist pen set which makes them more affordable. Since they are quite versatile, yet essential calligraphy supplies that impact the artist style tremendously, finding your match may take some trial and error period, which is key for becoming a successful calligraphy writer.


    Except for the universal straight pen, there are many other types of calligraphy pens and even markers available on the market. All of them serve a different purpose, so understanding them would certainly help you make the right choice.

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    This is an essential part of calligraphy that has gone through a lot of changes over the years. For better results, it’s recommended to go for a rich black ink that has nice fluidity. In other words, the ink should not be too thick nor too watery, it needs to have balance. Although generally sold separately, you can also opt for a set of drawing inks that features different colours, thus giving you the opportunity to create something different.

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    Since calligraphy is a type of artistry that requires mostly ink, you should look for a smooth paper that allows the pen to glide gracefully over it. Otherwise, you will have to deal with ink bleeding or feathering.

    A few words on staying Curious, Consistent & Creative…

    • Be persistent. The beginning surely can be difficult, but practising on a daily basis is all you need.
    • Don’t skip the basics of practising strokes. Instead of copying someone’s writing, first you should practice your calligraphy strokes.
    • Don’t compare your art with ‘impeccable’ Instagram calligraphy creations. Some of these can be photoshopped while others can even be printed. For the purpose, try to find real accounts, ones that inspire you. When on Instagram, search for relevant hashtags and see what others are doing.
    • Make sure you screenshot examples you like as they can serve you as inspiration later on. You should also like, comment and engage with other people because that way it is easier to evolve and get inspired.
    • Once you’re skillful enough, don’t be afraid to show off your creations just because you fear someone’s opinion.
    • While still at the beginning of this journey, don’t feel pressured. Don’t let people get in your head and tell you how all this is a waste of time. Just take your time, be patient and without even knowing, you’ll be ready to show your work to the world.