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    Which Bed Size is Must Buy According to Your Room

    By on Last modified: October 26, 2015

    So you’re thinking of putting a new double, queen or new king size bed but are unsure of how it’s gonna look, if it’s going to fit, or if it will flatter the rest of your décor. Well with a few tips, tricks and guidelines you too can know how to purchase a bed that will suit the rest of your home beautifully.

    A few measurements should be taken beforehand to have as reference. You need to measure your room, the floor and to think about where the rest of your furniture is going to go without making the room look cluttered. Once you have measured your room and floor space, start looking at measurements for single, double, queen and king beds and find out which ones would be too big for the space you have available in your room. Make sure you consult with your partner when shopping for a mattress to find one that is comfortable for the both of you. Hopefully the guidelines and tips below will help you find the right bed for you.


    Drawing up a layout and plan for your room is always a good idea. This way you can save the time and effort of moving things around only to find out they don’t fit later. According to your room measurements, map out your room on a piece of graph paper and follow the lines to recreate the measurements you need, mark in any doors, windows and closets. From here you can make several layouts for your furniture by drawing them in different places and seeing what fits, what looks good, and what is functional.

    Once you have decided where you want your furniture to go, make sure you leave enough space to draw in a bed and decide which size is right for you according to your measurements. Make sure to leave enough space for the headboard and footboard. Once you have successfully planned out and drawn out your new layout, you can start moving around your furniture to match your drawing, if the room is empty mark out where you want your new bed to go so you can have a rough visual of what it will look like.

    The bed size plays an important part on the comfort and how it will look in a room. It’s good to know what kind of bed usually goes where, and always try to pick out a bed that is a little bit longer so you can stretch out and relax. A single bed is perfect for someone who is going to sleep alone or if you don’t have much space. They are designed both for adults as well as children and there are many options to choose from when it comes to mattress. This size bed is mostly popular for parents with young children who don’t have big rooms, or adults in studio apartments who are trying to save space. Don’t forget that you can find an array of headboard and footboard options for a single bed that is sure to match the rest of your room. The standard measurements for a single bed are a width of 99 cm with a length of 190 cm.

    A double bed which is sometimes referred to as a full-size bed is also another popular choice. This bed provides enough room for someone sleeping alone to really stretch out and not worry about hitting a wall or falling out; it also provides enough room for couples to stretch out and cuddle. These beds are a popular choice for couples who have a smaller main bedroom or as a guest bed. There are also many mattress options for a double bed; they also come in a range of styles, including many headboards and footboards that you can choose from. The standard measurements for a double bed are a width of 138 cm and a length of 190 cm.

    The queen size bed is a popular choice for couples (more than enough space for a couple to both cuddle and get some personal space when sleeping) and singles who have a little more space in their bedroom, or someone looking for a longer bed then the standard single or double beds. This is also great for singles with large bedrooms and for people who really want a lot of bed space to roll around in. This bed offers you complete comfort, but is a little more expensive than a double or single bed. If you have a larger room then a queen of king size bed is more for you. But be cautious not to make your room look too crowded. The average size for a queen bed is a width of 152 cm and a length of 200 cm.

    Now if luxury is your kind of thing, then a king bed is right up your ally. A king sized bed is the widest and most spacious bed, a bed this big just oozes comfort. A king bed provides you with more than enough space to sleep on, couples and singles alike. This is especially good for couples in the summer months when sleeping up against each other is not an option. You can find many new king size bed styles and colours sure to match your home. The standard measurements for a king size bed are a width of 198 cm and a length of 200 cm.

    Hopefully after looking and reading through these tips and guidelines to choosing a new bed for your space, your decision will be one based on logic and reason and of course what you want out of a bed. Whether your tastes are something a little more modest like a new single bed or something with a little more luxury like a new king size bed, you can browse for styles that will match your home online or you can look in local furniture stores around you.