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    Which Is The Best Scooter For A 3 Year Old?

    By on Last modified: February 15, 2016

    If you are looking to find a mini micro scooter or a maxi micro scooter best price, you will definitely have to look online. So the dilemma still remains, which of these is best for your three year old? With technology taking over nearly every aspect of our lives, kids seem to be spending more and more time indoors. Investing in a scooter for your little one is a great way to get them outside, get them exercising, balancing, testing out their coordination, and most of all having fun. They are a great way for your kid to get around but they do take some time to get used to. We will go over everything you need to know about getting a scooter for your three year old.


    Practice makes perfect, but you want to minimize the chances of accidents happening by choosing a scooter that has three wheels. Once children get older, they can easily try scooters with two wheels but a three year old doesn’t have perfect balance yet, so it is important to remember that. There are also a few points you should understand when choosing the right scooter.

    • The first is weight and height capacity. You should keep in mind that the older and bigger your child gets they will outgrow their scooters weight capacity and handlebars, you should aim to get one meant for a child a little bit bigger than yours so it can last longer.
    • The second thing you should consider is the wheel size, depending on where you plan to let your child ride and you should keep in mind that the larger the wheels the more options you have. Larger wheels go over terrains with greater ease compared to ones with smaller wheels that can sometimes struggle with cracks or rocks.
    • The third thing is stability, which can be impacted by a large variety of factors, you should get your child to try it out before you buy it to make sure they are comfortable.
    • The fourth thing you need to think about is the braking system and how easy it is to access, most scooters come with the standard push down rear wheel fender brake, some might not have a brake at all. You want to remember to check if the scooter you like has one before purchasing it, especially if there are hills in your neighbourhood!

    While maxi micro scooters are good, they are not really ideal for a three year old. They are heavier so it can make it difficult for them to manage, the footplate is usually wider and longer as well which makes it difficult for them to control. While this is a great choice for older children, it is not necessarily the best one for children as young as three. A mini micro scooter is ideal for kids anywhere between three years of age to five years of age. It is lightweight which means the child can carry on and off easily, it’s suited for children that weigh up to 20 kilograms or that are about 110 centimetres tall. This kind of scooter also helps children learn balance and coordination making them learn this skills much faster. They are easily stored and transported making it great for parents as well.

    If you are looking for a scooter that is great for a three year old then you should consider investing in a mini micro scooter, if your child is slightly older than a maxi micro scooter is your best choice. You can easily find mini micro scooters and maxi micro scooter best price online, where you can browse different models, prices, and purchase the scooter you want all from the comfort of your own home. A scooter is a great way to have fun with your child and reap all the benefits a scooter can offer.