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    Why Businesses Need to Switch Plastic With Paper Bags

    By on Last modified: July 17, 2018

    Regardless of what your store specializes in or what sort of item you sell the most, you will want to rely on the best material that you can for the bags you use, and that is undoubtedly paper. The benefits that paper bags have over their plastic counterparts in terms of how much more environmentally friendly they are cannot be disputed. However, while this is a great perk, there are many more important characteristics that the paper bags have which make them the much more ideal packing option for a lot of businesses.

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    The number of different shops and companies that can take advantage of the qualities of the paper bag is astronomical. To give just one example, a paper bag is a much better option when coffee shops hand out the to-go orders as they are better at handling the heat of the beverages when carrying them. Another example is how bags made of kraft paper are much better at keeping items like fruits and vegetables fresh and odour-free, unlike the plastic bags. They are even used in order to carry things such as sugar, salt, flour, and an assortment of different spices.

    Easy Branding

    Marketing and figuring out how to get your name out there can really be one of the more difficult parts of running a business. There is always the internet marketing option, but unfortunately people are now so accustomed to switching off ads that it’s purely reflex for most of them. This proves that the old ways are best, and by that I mean branding the paper bags with your logo. Not only is this incredibly easy to do and not that expensive (especially when you consider how pricey other marketing options are), but it also has another advantage. Most people keep the paper bags somewhere in their home to use later on, so when they use one from now on they will always think of your business and you will earn yourself a repeat customer.


    The final edge that the paper bag has over the plastic is its more resilient nature. Can you honestly count the number of times that you’ve had a plastic bag rip on you just before you got to the door of your home? Granted, the paper bags aren’t exactly made of steel either, but in terms of reliably being able to carry a decent amount of weight they are leagues above the flimsy plastic bags. There is also the added bonus that they are much more easy to grip and hold, while the plastic bags cut the circulation to your fingers as soon as you pick them up.