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    Why Reading The Bible Is Important For Humanity

    By on Last modified: February 27, 2017
    Contemporary English Version Bible1

    Reading the Bible takes discipline and a lot of devotion. A thorough reading and most importantly, a thorough understanding of God’s words can seriously change your perspective on life for the better. This important and priceless book can give you answers to so many big questions and leave you wondering about the purpose of life and it will definitely broaden up your relationship with God.

    Are you still considering whether reading the Holy Bible is still so crucial even in these modern times? Well, if that’s the case, just leave your doubt in the hands of the facts we’ve pondered on below.

    First and foremost, the Scripture is essential for getting to truly know God and His divine plan for our mortal lives. The Holy Bible represents the very words of our Lord and we should appreciate and celebrate that whenever we get the chance and today with the contemporary English version Bible anyone can understand every single psalm that may have seemed incomprehensible before. And that’s really important because reading the Bible today is probably more important than ever. “Faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ” (Rom. 10:17) says the Scripture, and these days we need a lot of hearing in order to make people believe, love and have hope again.

    The messages of salvation, love and kindness are the dominant themes in the Scripture. God says that we should love everyone, even our enemies, that our only path to salvation is believing in Him, doing good and being kind to all the people, which is a very powerful message to understand and practice. If each and every one of us were to read the Bible on a daily basis, I doubt that there would be so much malice, hatred and terror in this world.

    Reading, believing in and practicing God’s words give us a peace of mind, a healthy spiritual life and hope in the most darkest of days. Think of reading the Bible as a form of meditation and let it guide the course of your life. This way you are sure to see how happy and enlightened you’ll feel because you’ll learn how to best serve the Lord. It’s also important to mention that sometimes all we need from Him is not a fulfillment of our dream, but a taste of His divine plan for all beings on this planet. That’s the way God teaches us that failure is the best teacher and that life gives us all kinds of unpleasant moments that we have to deal with and accept.

    But most of all, the contemporary English version Bible with its understandable language and modern approach is truly able to clear our minds and help us make a clear distinction between what’s sin and what’s not and that’s God’s goal for humanity. So whenever you read a psalm, a passage or even just a quote from the Bible, you make sure you, as part of the collective consciousness, finally start walking the path of righteousness.