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    Wobble Boards: The Perfect Tool for Balance Training for Kids

    By on Last modified: February 4, 2022
    girl playing with balance board

    Something as simple as maintaining good posture when walking, sitting, and standing is very important to a child’s development, and mental and physical health. Slouching, improper posture, and loss of balance can have some pretty adverse effects on the well-being of a growing child.

    That’s why good posture in kids is essential to ensure they grow up healthy and happy, so they will be able to efficiently perform both simple daily tasks and more complex athletic movement patterns. To build postural awareness in children and help them master balance, you can consider using a sturdy wobble balance board to help kids achieve and maintain a better alignment or position of the body.

    This kind of balance tool is designed to help children of all ages master balance by improving core stability. It helps them not only find balance but also assists them with developing core strength and engaging in multiple fun activities. 

    Though these boards are most commonly used by young children as open-ended play, they can be enjoyed by adults for various purposes. Thanks to their ingenious design, wobble boards are the perfect accessory for ballet dancers and gymnasts, too. Basically, anyone from the age of 19 months and up can find a way to utilize a wooden balance board to live a healthier life. 

    The Benefits of Kids Balance Boards

    kid playing with balance board

    A wobble board makes a good addition to the toys around your home since many benefits come with using it in learning or play. It can be used for various forms of plays and exercise activities, including rocking, swinging, balancing, climbing, stretching, and more.

    Because of their versatility and many uses, durable kids balance boards have varying benefits as well. They can help with developing balance, improving posture, and strengthening the core, among others. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most important benefits. 

    Improving Balance and Coordination

    Using a toddler wobble board is vital for building coordination in children and strengthening the core muscles to improve balance and the mind-body connection. It helps stabilize the muscles that make kids steadier on their feet in general, helping them learn how to quickly adjust their footing, position, or make corrections at the moment. Hence, they will be able to better navigate all the play equipment at the park, for example.  

    Building Muscle Strength

    One of the key benefits of balancing and rocking is building core strength, stability, and better lower body strength. That’s the reason why wobble boards are used not only by children but also by athletes, personal trainers, and physiotherapists.

    A wobble board uses a lot of muscles that kids might not otherwise be exercising and strengthening. They have to make a lot of tiny adjustments, using both the muscles in the legs and the core, which leads to building stability for all sorts of other activities. 

    Fun Time

    Balance boards guarantee hours and hours of fun time, helping toddlers to grow and develop. It will be enjoyable for you if you use these tools for family bonding time and hop on a board yourself or spend time watching your kids play on their own. These boards can be also used for yoga so you might steal the board during nap time to do some balance exercise.

    What to Look Out When Buying a Wobble Board  

    kids playing with balance boards

    Investing in a balance board is essential for kids’ balance training. However, have in mind these boards differ greatly between manufacturers, offering totally different experiences. So how do you choose the best one? Ideally, you’ll want a board that’s large enough for comfortable use as well as curved enough for easy rocking. When shopping, it’s important to consider a few things like the material, weight capacity, board size, and curve, among others.

    The Material

    The material is a big consideration when it comes to choosing the best balance board. What the board is made from will make all the difference. The material influences the strength and durability of the wobble board, as well as the way the board looks, feels, and responds to a movement.

    Most of the boards are made of wood, but you’ll find various different options like plastic and metal components as well. The best boards are made of all-natural wood and are quite durable, supporting heavy use. Boards made of synthetic materials might not be as eco-friendly and chances are that they’ll not as long. 

    Weight Capacity

    Wobble boards are limited by their weight capacity. They’re designed to withstand a certain weight threshold. Generally, these boards can hold around 400 pounds. Some are made from thinner, less durable materials that cannot withstand such weight, so you’ll need to pay attention to this.

    When choosing a balance board, make sure the weight capacity matches your needs. It’s always best to choose a board that has at least 10% more weight capacity than what you need. This will ensure you don’t put it under as much pressure, and as a result you can enhance its longevity.

    Board Size and Curve

    What size should the board be? Well, here a few factors come into play. Wobble boards are available in a range of sizes to cater to your needs and desires. The larger the board, the easier it is to maintain stability. When choosing a board, make sure it’s big enough for kids to fit into and use for all types of activities.

    For an adult, the board should be wide and strong enough for comfortable use. Wobble boards differ in the curve, too. A board that’s too flat will be too stable for kids to develop balance. Whereas a board that’s too curved will rock too much and might not be suitable for certain applications. It’s best to choose one that’s curved enough to perform various exercises.