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    Women’s Fashion: How to Layer a Skivvy Like a Pro

    By on Last modified: October 16, 2020

    Layering is not just a fashion trend – it’s also an effective way to dress warm. When dressing in layers, you can make hundreds of different combinations to wear at work or when out with friends, running errands, etc.

    For this purpose, you need a few quality basics you can use to make multiple combos. This includes white T-shirts, classic white shirts, skivvies and more. Skivvies for women are great for layering in cold winter days, as well as during translational periods such as winter-spring and autumn-winter. So, if you have a few of these patiently waiting in your closet, here are some ideas how to style them so you can get a few head-turns on the streets.

    Stripe Round Neck with Jeans

    The classic navy blue with white stripes round neck will probably never go out of style. It can make for a lovely match with (skinny) jeans for a cosy and warm walk on a chilly day. You can choose from various designs and colours, but make sure it’s 100% cotton for a more pleasant feel. Easy to wash and wear with all your favourite jeans, these skivvies for women are a wardrobe must indeed. You can layer one by throwing a striking scarf in bold colours over it and hit the streets with smile and style.

    woman wearing purple skivvie

    Short-Sleeve Skivvy under Dress

    You can wear all your favourite summer dresses in spring and autumn too. There is no better way for your outfit to draw attention than putting a short sleeve skivvy under your favourite summer dress. If the skivvy features some patterns, opt for a dress in one colour, and vice versa. You can do a combination of your favourite summer dresses with flower designs with a black or white short-sleeve skivvy. Just throw a leather jacket and you’ll be all set. You can combine outfits like this with both sneakers and boots.

    Under a Suit

    There is probably no better outfit ideal for the cold workdays than a suit and a skivvy. Beige and white women skivvies are mandatory basic pieces since they go with literally every colour. What’s more, there’s no doubt that a suit is an excellent choice for work, brunch, after-work cocktails and even weddings. You can also layer your favourite necklaces to create an even more fashionable moment.

    If you want to achieve a look infused with brightness, combine a white suit with a pale rose skivvy and nude boots. You’d be surprised by the cosiness of this combination. It’s ideal for evening going outs or important business meetings.

    girl wearing winter skivvie under denim jacket with black skirt

    Under a Denim Jacket

    Opt for a denim jacket, a white skivvy and grey sweatpants to create the most comfortable outfit. For colder days, you can pair your skivvy with jeans, a denim jacket and a longer jacket on top. Warm, cosy and stylish, this can be your new favourite winter outfit.

    With a Structure Jacket

    Layer your favourite skivvy with a structure jacket or a blazer for a chic and instant fashion win. Combine it with pants if you want to look smart, but approachable. A skivvy, mini skirt and a structure jacket are the perfect night out winter outfit. For casual Friday at work, opt for dark jeans, blue navy skivvy and a structure coat instead of a cardigan. Remember that if your outfit looks too casual, you can add some sparkly jewellery and create a nice balance. Another option for a dressier look is to wear high heels.

    woman wearing black skivvie with maxi skirt with flowers

    With a Maxi Skirt

    Ladies skivvies are great for winter, and so are the maxi skirts. A skivvy can keep you warm, and you can wear thicker tights under the skirt. Layer this with a jacket or blazer, and you are ready to go. For evening going-outs, opt for an elegant black skivvy with a silver sparkling maxi dress, and a black jacket. The result will be anything but boring.

    Under a T-shirt

    Make sure that you choose a simple skivvy and an oversized T-shirt with an interesting print. If you are bold enough, wear this with jeans and high heels. White sneakers are a safer option, but it can still look adorable.