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    Your Feet Deserve Some Pampering: How to Give Yourself a Nice Pedicure at Home

    By on Last modified: May 8, 2019

    Freshly painted toenails, soft and smooth skin on your feet…ahhh the pleasures of having a pedicure. No matter how busy you are, treating your feet once in a while (or even better – regularly) is a must. And if for any reason you can’t go to a cosmetic salon, you can give your feet the well-deserved pampering at home. All you need is to relax with a glass of wine and start the procedure.


    Soak the Feet

    Fill a pedicure foot tub or some plastic larger container (if you don’t have a foot bathtub) with warm water and add some spa or bath product along with few drops of your favourite essential oil (the latter is optional). Once done, soak your feet in it for about 15-20 minutes and just relax. This step is paramount as it is meant to soften your feet for easy removal of the dead and dry skin.

    Exfoliate and Buff off

    The easiest way to get rid of dry skin is by exfoliating it with special massage cream and exfoliating gloves. However, if you have some trouble spots on your feet that cannot be removed and softened with a simple exfoliation, you’ll need to use a foot buffer. This pedicure item is a real saviour as it can help you have smooth feet in no time.

    Clip & Buff the Nails

    Once done with the exfoliating and buffing process, it is time to clip your toenails. Although this may seem like an easy procedure, cosmeticians recommend cutting each nail evenly and equally. You can choose between two shapes, round and square, however, the square one is preferred, as overly round shapes can lead to ingrown toenails.

    Push Back the Cuticles

    The next thing you need to do is to push back the cuticles with the help of a steel or wooden stick also known as a cuticle pusher. If you think that your cuticles are still not that soft, you can apply special cuticle oil or cream before the pushing process.

    Moisturise & Treat Your Feet

    When it comes to taking proper care of your feet, cosmeticians say that we must treat and “feed” them on a daily basis with the help of some rich feet cream. With the help of circular motions, apply the cream and massage your feet for as long as you can. That way you can help get rid of the tension and any possible pain while promoting good blood flow. This should be done every night and for ultimate enjoyment and results, you should use socks made out of natural bamboo fibre which are of the sustainable socks type. Besides helping the foot cream penetrate better into the skin, these bamboo sustainable socks can provide you with a plethora of other benefits which are important enough for you to consider start wearing them everyday.

    Besides being extremely soft, bamboo is also antibacterial. This means that bacteria don’t like to live in bamboo fibre which means less foot infections. Additionally, bamboo is great at absorbing moisture from the skin, which means keeping your feet dry and clean is another benefit you can obtain from wearing them. What’s more, bamboo is also great at absorbing odour, so you won’t have any problems with smelly feet. Bamboo is also a breathable type of material that can help you keep your feet warm during the colder period of the year and cool when the weather temperatures are warmer.

    Add Some Colour

    If you want to paint your toenails, the first thing you need to do is to wipe off the foot cream from your nails with the help of a damp cotton pad. That way, your nails will be ready for the next procedure which is applying a base coat. Once dry, apply one or two coats of nail polish (the number of layers are optional) and after that a high-shine topcoat.