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Bed Mattresses: The Right Info for Choosing the Best

By on Last modified: May 3, 2016

A good quality mattress ultimately means the difference between you getting a decent night’s sleep or waking up and feeling dreadful. Picking the right bed mattresses for you or your family, however, is not an easy feat. That’s why today we’ll be going over tried and tested tips and tricks to picking out the perfect bed mattresses for you. If you want to know what mattress is your best choice then keep reading below.

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  • Know when to replace your mattress – The general rule for replacing your mattress is every 7 to 8 years. Even if it still looks good on the outside, it may not be giving you the right comfort and support in order for you to get a good nights sleep.
  • Get familiar with different types – You should do some research as to what kind of mattress types there actually are. There are four main types and there are some special types of gel mattresses that are not that common. The four main types are open spring mattresses, pocket spring mattresses, memory foam mattresses, and latex bed mattresses. Getting familiar with the terminology will make shopping a lot easier.
  • Always try before you buy – Don’t just lay down and get back up after a minute, really get comfortable for a good 15 minutes. Maybe try positions that you usually would sleep in and get comfortable by taking shoes off. Make sure that if you share a bed with someone that they are also there to try it with you.
  • Know what support you want – There are usually three choices when it comes to support – firm, medium, and soft. The general rule of thumb when choosing a mattress should be based on your body weight. If you are heavy, you should choose a firm mattress, if you don’t weigh much, you should choose a soft mattress as it can balance out your body weight more evenly.
  • Spend the most you can – After all, a mattress is an investment into your wellbeing. Don’t go over your budget; just buy the best one you can with however much money you have. You are making an investment into how well you sleep and it’s something we do a lot of the time.
  • Choose the right filling – Spring mattresses usually come with different types of filling. It’s important to know what kind of filling is inside so you know what you are paying for. Synthetic fillings usually don’t last as long as more luxurious materials like wool and hemp. Wool is also great for those who suffer from allergies. Do some research into what kind of filling might suit your needs best.
  • Turn your mattress over – This is something people need to be told more often as it prolongs the lifespan of your mattress. Flip it over and turn it so the head end is now at the foot end. This should be done every couple of weeks to keep the mattress feeling fresh and new the entire time.