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    Rugged Revamp: Upgrading Your Dirt Bike with High-Quality Aftermarket Plastics for Ultimate Protection and Style

    By on Last modified: April 26, 2024

    It’s a fact: dirt, motocross, and enduro riders know that dropping their bike is an unavoidable part of riding. And when it happens, breaking your bike’s original plastics is one of the last things you want to happen.

    Plastic parts like fork guards, radiators and airbox covers aren’t just colourful accent pieces. Even though some are moulded to aid in engine cooling, their primary role is protecting vital components and even riders from dust and dirt, as well as damage or injury from rocks and other flying debris.

    Make no mistake: bikes don’t need plastics to run, but continuing to push full-throttle down the trail without them can end up costing you a lot more than you’d imagine. That’s why if any of your plastics are broken or due for replacement, now’s the right time to buy some new ones.

    Tough, Long-Lasting Plastics That Are Built for Any Environment

    A blue motocross dirt bike with high-quality aftermarket plastics on it

    From NSW’s sprawling Louee complex, to SA’s pro-level ACUSA Park, there’s no shortage of tracks and trails in Australia to take advantage of. You need to be sure that your bike is up to job though, and that means replacing any broken or missing accents with high-quality aftermarket plastics for dirt bike fenders, guards, and other critical areas.

    Matching aftermarket dirt bike plastics made from lightweight polypropylene provide the tough, impact-resistant protection that riders need to confidently take on the most challenging courses under the most trying conditions. They’re bike-specific, and are sold in full, standard, or individual parts kits consisting of:

    • Front and rear fenders;
    • Lower fork guards;
    • Airbox covers and side panels;
    • Radiator shrouds; and,
    • Front and side number plates.

    These rugged, premium-quality dirt bike plastic parts are designed to withstand the inevitable drops, slides, and even unfortunately entanglements with mates that can happen when you’re off-roading. Not only are they engineered to retain their flexibility without breaking, but they also excel at resisting environmental and UV exposure: the main contributors to plastic brittleness and weakening,

    OE-Fitting Plastics for Australia’s Toughest Dirt Bikes

    You can buy top-notch dirt bike plastics for sale for a full selection of Australia’s most popular motocross and dirt bikes, including:

    • KTM SX and EXC 125s, 150s, 250s, and 300s;
    • Yamaha YZ 125s, 250s, and 450s;
    • Honda CR and CRF 110s, 125s, and 250s;
    • Husqvarna FE 250s, 350s, and 450s; and,
    • Kawasaki KX 85s, 112s, 125s, 250s, and 450s.

    These durable, OE-fitting dirt bike plastic kits are all pre-drilled, and sold with all the necessary hardware and fasteners to make them an easy swap-out for your bike’s original plastics. In fact, the benefits of swapping your bike’s original plastics for their sturdier aftermarket counterparts go beyond just protecting seals and assemblies from costly damage. They offer advantages that include:

    • Greater varieties than the original. While your bike’s OE plastic complement may only include basic protections, aftermarket plastic kits take protection to the maximum with features like hand guards, tank guards, and even brake calliper and disc guards.
    • Technical improvements. In addition to their increased strength and lighter weight, aftermarket plastics offer improvements in ducting that allow your bike to run cooler while continuing to deflect harmful mud and debris.
    • Preserving originality. If you decide to sell your bike someday, the option to re-install your bike’s original plastics can significantly increase its resale value, especially if they feature model-specific graphics.

    There’s one other inescapable fact about plastic for dirt bikes: regardless of the type of bike you ride or the protective advantages it brings, looks are still important. Worn or weathered plastics are an eyesore, and a fresh set of replacements can even change the way you feel about your bike.

    Aftermarket Colours That Give Your Plastics Originality

    A guy driving a red motocross dirt bike on a track

    Let’s be honest: no one wants faded, scuffed-up plastics on their bike. Aside from their general unattractiveness, scratched or cracked plastics can already be weakened to the point where they’re just a flex away from breaking off and potentially causing an even bigger problem.

    Committing to repairing and refinishing a set of faded and haggard original plastics can be a particularly monumental task though, especially if you’re trying to restore or replace original graphics. The alternative, however, is to remove your originals, and take advantage of the bold colour palette that aftermarket plastics have; in addition to basic black and white, they include a host of vibrant colours, such as:

    • Blue;
    • Red;
    • Orange;
    • Yellow; and,
    • Green.

    Any of these brilliantly coloured plastics for dirt bikes would also make an excellent base for your own custom graphic design, resulting in a one-of-a-kind set of plastics that’ll ultimately reflect your unique riding style to a tee.

    The Final Word

    At the end of the day, while your plastics offer a powerful statement about your bike, your riding style, or even your team, you can’t afford to ignore what their genuine purpose is. Their job is to protect critical components from mud and debris, and your time on the trail can come to an abrupt end if yours are broken.

    High-quality replacement plastics for dirt bike fenders, guards, and other parts help protect your bike while preserving your bike’s original plastics. They’re an investment that you won’t regret making.