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It Is the Right Time to Design Your Summer Exterior Lighting Scheme

By on Last modified: June 7, 2017

Picture this: an ice cold pitcher of sangria, a bucket of beers, chicken wings and you and your loved ones comfortably relaxing in deck chairs watching your kids making s’mores. An ideal summer evening, indeed. But as much as this scenario might seem a distant future to you as winter is currently at its peak here in Australia, before we know it, summer will arrive in its full splendour, reminding us why we’ve missed it so bad.

So for all of you who are looking forward to spending summer days out in the open in the comfort of your chill zone, there’s an important detail to pay attention to that many seem to disregard: lighting. Yup – do not let the setting sun put an end to your chillax hours. Design a good lighting scheme for your outdoor space to make the best use of it during summer days. Here are some cool choices to consider.

Bunker lights

The classic vintage design of bunker lights has changed very little over the best part of the last century, which only adds to their uniqueness. Their timeless classic design combined with the durability and quality of the use of solid die cast materials is what makes exterior bunker lights an ideal choice for any home. You can use them to illuminate paths, driveways, steps, or you can also use them as indoor wall or ceiling lights. They are simple and subtle, yet they command attention in all kinds of settings. They are available in two popular colours – black and white, can come either with a cage guard or without one, and can be found in two sizes. Their weather resistant features, ceramic lamp holder and frosted glass diffuser make exterior bunker lights your best ally to lighting up the fun once the sun goes down.

exterior bunker lights

Strings of lights

Nothing beats the soft and glowing light that café-style strings of lights emit. Conveying a relaxed ambiance, this type of lighting will also be easy on your budget as they are quite inexpensive. However, when buying, make sure to go for ones that are outdoor-rated. LED bulbs are an excellent choice for this purpose as they will last practically forever, but it is incandescent bulbs that will give you that soft glow which is the staple of this kind of lighting. Also, solar string lights are a smart choice if you need to hang them somewhere where there is no outlet near. Plan how you want your exterior to look like and just make the purchase. It is as simple as that.


Few things scream outdoor coziness and elegance quite well as strategically placed pendant lights. Here’s something to consider though – when designing your outdoor lighting scheme, bear in mind that if you are replacing an existing overhead fixture yourself, the new fixture should not weigh much more than the old one. If the pendant light fixture you want to place instead is much heavier, you might need to ask a professional to put in a new junction box which will be able to take the additional weight. If possible, add a couple of them to truly create a glowing paradise which will only make your outdoors your favourite place to be!