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The Right Jewelry Box Will Protect Your Precious Items

By on Last modified: December 23, 2015

Jewelry has always been a form of flattery and attention to women’s beauty. It is how most men show their significant other they are special, gorgeous to them and worthy of carrying expensive and precious items. In other words, a way both men and women like to show off.

But let’s put aside how men see jewelry and concentrate on how we as women see it and should treat it – not as an ordinary accessory but a statement piece that does the talking for you. Moreover, it should be seen as a form of value which should be kept apart from accessories that stain and rust and get affected by outside influence. Yes, you should visit jewelry boxes Australia online and offline stores to find the one to protect your precious items. Here’s what you should consider.


The jewelry

The type of jewelry you own can tell you a lot of what should you look for when searching jewelry boxes Australia online and offline offers. Are most of your pieces gold or silver? Maybe you have something made from platinum and white gold and you like to keep it in the box it came in? Do you have a slightly cheaper jewlery made of stainless steel? Also, consider the volume of different pieces: do you have a lot of necklaces? Maybe a lot of rings, bracelets and earrings? If you don’t want to make a mess out of them, you should consider a spacious box.


Types of boxes

According to the amount and type of jewelry you have, you should choose a suitable jewelry box. The boxes you can choose from vary in size and available storage space:

  • Armoire – a jewellery armoire is large and looks like a wardrobe. It has a hook for all your necklaces so they do not end up in a messy knot. You may find some armoires with drawers where you can store your rings, bracelets, watches and precious broches. Whichever design you choose, have in mind that armoires are large and can take a lot of space in your room.
  • Jewelry box – the range of boxes to choose from is vast: smaller ones, large ones, decorated, simple, in various shapes and the simplest ones with a lid on top. Mainly all types of jewelry boxes have the inside divided in padded compartments and some of them even have small drawers. The jewelry boxes Australia online sites offer of this type is probably the largest, since these boxes come in all possible materials, shapes and designs. Now you can choose a good-looking jewelry box to go with that nice pair of earrings you are about to give as a gift.
  • Wall boxes – these are very similar to medicine cabinets and as such can vary from very large to relatively small. Wall boxes can have either small drawers inside or just shelves. If most of your jewelry has a ox in which it came, a wall box can be the perfect storage option.
  • Jewelry roll – this looks like a soft cylinder and is especially practical for storing bracelets and watches. You can find something like this for rings as well. A jewelry roll is especially practical if you travel a lot and like carrying all of your precious jewelry with you.

The material

A jewelry box can be made of a lot of different materials such as wood, leather, plastic, metal or even some precious metals like gold or platinum. The material you choose greatly depends on your taste and preference. What you should pay attention to is the inside material of the box, that is, the surface your jewelry is going to be touching. Make sure it is made from velvet, and not something like cotton or organza, because these can break and tangle with necklaces and bracelets making a mess you really do not need.