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    Benefits of Access Equipment in Warehouse Settings

    By on Last modified: May 8, 2018

    Given the fact that in order to efficiently ultilise a warehouse, managers oftentimes implement racking systems that are built so high that sometimes they may even touch the ceiling. For that reason, every warehouse should be equipped with all the necessary equipment that would help employees reach even the highest shelves safely and securely.

    Some of the most popular access equipment you’ll find includes industrial work platform ladders and rolling stairs. You can find quality access equipment for sale online at affordable prices and have it delivered right to your workplace. Finding access equipment for sale online is also relatively easy, plus there’s no shortage of equipment to choose from.

    If you only need a few metres of extra height to safely reach products, industrial work platform ladders are ideal for the task. They’re typically strong, mobile and offer a safe way for employees to maintain their productivity. There are various models that range in size and serve a specific purpose, like performing maintenance work, for example.

    Access Equipment

    A platform doesn’t only help employees reach the area where they need to perform work, but it can also be used as a way to create walkways for employees. Some platform ladders use a crossover design for this purpose, and allow employees to get over stationary workplace equipment in a safely manner without interrupting the workflow.

    Alternatively, you can invest in work stands, which are basically platforms that help employees reach the desired height, but with some extra stability. It’s pretty much similar to having a miniature scaffold that you can set up in a few moments to accommodate a single employee. Work stands are ideal pieces of access equipment for performing maintenance work, paint jobs and other unconventional jobs that may arise at your workplace.

    A great alternative to industrial work platform ladders are rolling stairs. They’re also extremely portable, and you can easily navigate them through large warehouses with ease, due to their lightweight design. They’re also available in various different sizes, and they can range from having from 2 up to 15 steps. So whether you’re trying to reach an overhead shelf that needs an extra step, or a high shelf in a large industrial warehouse, rolling stairs make the task much easier.

    But whichever piece of access equipment you end up buying for your warehouse, make sure it’s OSHA compliant. There are far too many ladder-related accidents in warehouse facilities, even though most ladders are designed with safety in mind. That being said, careful maneuvering and following safety protocols is not something to overlook, plus, some basic employee training can always come in handy!