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    Benefits of Packaging Machines for Manufacturing or Order Filling Businesses

    By on Last modified: May 28, 2018

    If you’re a small manufacturer or order filling business that’s slowly growing, you’re probably looking for more efficient and cost-effective ways to seal cartons than you did until now. Sealing cartons manually with glue or manual tape sealing tools requires a lot of time and consumables. One of the best alternatives is probably purchasing an automated carton sealing machine. If you’re skeptical about how an automated carton sealing machine will bring value to your business, here are a few pointers that may convince you that it’s a worthwhile investment that will pay itself out in the long run.

    When it comes to every type of packaging machinery, flexibility and sustainability are essential. In other words, the machine is capable of handling different formats and products, while providing long-term sustainability benefits, such as allowing you to achieve consistency and volume in order to stay competitive, improving worker safety and reducing hazards related to repetitive motion injury risks, and much more.

    machine tape

    Moreover, you can seal the cardboxes using machine tape, which is a significantly more cost-effective solution, as the machine uses the minimal necessary amount of tape, and you won’t have to use excessive tape or double tape cartons. Over the course of the year, using machine tape will bring a lot of savings in materials, where you would otherwise use an excessive amount of glue or manual tape.

    Furthermore, packaging machinery lets you react quickly to temporary and minor changes required in alternative packaging formats, even though the main product remains common. For instance, you can supply club stores with alternative packaging formats that are exclusive to them and are temporary. It also allows for accommodation of variations in the packaged products. For instance, products that vary in density due to their manufacturing process or change to input components.

    The process of manually forming a carton, packing it up and sealing it takes up a lot of production time and is extremely repetitive and inefficient. A machine can do all of that in an automated manner and save you time, manpower, and money. There’s no reason to not get a packaging machine if your business heavily relies on it.

    Additionally, packaging machines ensure consistency, sustainability and are extremely flexible – something most modern businesses rely on in order to get ahead of their competitors. You can find packaging machines and all the necessary consumables, like machine tape, online relatively easy and they typically come with manuals where you can learn how to operate with them.