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    Any Time is the Right Time for a Gin Gift

    By on Last modified: October 28, 2020

    Gin originates from Europe and is believed to be one of the clearest spirits ever made. It is characterized by the use of juniper as a flavouring. Traditionally, it was supported by other botanical characters, like coriander, licorice and other herbs, while more contemporary gins are distilled using a variety of spices, fruits and flowers that add greater complexity. Normally bottled at 80 to 90 proof, modern gins provide many different flavours – floral, citrus or fruity. The base spirit is made from grain – some use a wheat-based spirit, while others use barley, grape, sugar and other bases.

    There are three ways to make gin, and the oldest and most common one is to distil the fermented grain and then redistill it with juniper berries and other botanicals of your choice. The other way is to put the botanicals in a basket and hang it inside the still you’re using for distilling your grain spirit. And the last and simplest way is to distil your grain and then infuse it with juniper berries and other botanicals.

    Distilling gin is a process of extracting essential oils, and some people find it similar to perfume making. Every recipe can be different and every distiller can have their own technique and develop their recognizable flavour. So, once you find your favourite flavour is the same as finding your favourite fragrance – you can’t stop using it. And I can’t help myself but wonder, is that the reason why women are great gin lovers?

    How to Recognise a True Gin Lover

    Gin was the most popular drink two centuries ago, and is now back in trend again, experiencing a rebirth over the past few years. It’s clear, crispy and delightfully refreshing spirit that can be enjoyed straight, but also goes perfectly with a variety of mixes, from old-fashioned ones to more experimental cocktails. As gin reintroduces itself, many declare their love for the spirit and we can see the presence of gin significantly increasing on the beverage scene all over the world. Most probably you already have a gin lover on your mind as you’re reading this.

    Is that person thinking about gin even when there’s no gin around? Or asking for a gin at every family or friends gathering? If you’ve heard their “gin appreciation speech” more than once, you probably know you’re dealing with a gin love there. And you know that they don’t see other drinks anymore. Yes, they’ve heard of them, they’ve tried them, but it’s only gin on their mind. It’s the ultimate, one and only, and they don’t really seem to care about your opinion on that matter.

    To be honest, gin is a sophisticated drink and requires a person of very refined taste to recognise it. Most likely this person always keeps a cucumber and limes in their fridge and ice in their freezer because you never know when it might be “gin time”. If you have someone in your life that appreciates gin so much and always wants to try out new gin flavours and mixes, you’re lucky. There are so many gin gifts you can choose from, that you don’t have to worry about a lack of gift ideas anymore.

    Best Gin Gifts Ideas

    Here are some of the top gift ideas that are sure to make your gin lover’s wish list. From delicious recipes and signature brands, to a number of accessories and gin gifts that can elevate their gin experience to a whole new level, games, chocolates, bags of dehydrated citrus wheels, cocktail packs and infusions and more.

    Gin Gifts for Her – If there is a special woman in your life, I believe she deserves a special gift. Even if you’re not sure of her taste, women love a good drink, and you can’t go wrong with gin. You can choose from a variety of gin gifts for her, fashionable and delicious, specially crafted for women.

    Gin Glasses – Every gin connoisseur needs glasses to prep their favourite cocktail in style. You can choose from old-fashioned to crystal cocktail glasses, gin balloon glasses, all of them elegant and stylish. The glasses are versatile, and will certainly fit any gin lover’s taste, especially when enjoying their drink after a long day.

    Gin Books – A gin book is a great choice to intrigue their taste buds, giving them an opportunity to expend their knowledge about the history of their favourite drink, as well as learning some new recipes and bartending skills.

    Gin Tasting Packs – This is a perfect gift for someone who likes to experiment with flavours and styles as every pack offers a diverse palette that will grab the attention of every gin admirer. You can find many different packs suitable for the season and for various occasions.

    Mini Gin Bottles – These are the most adorable gift for any gin fanatic you’ve ever met. You can choose from a wide selection of brands and give your gin friend the opportunity to try some new varieties of their signature spirit. They’re great to take on-the-go, and fun to share, too.

    G & Tea Cocktail Infusion Bags – For every gin drinker who is looking to step up their G & Tea routine, a set of infusion bags filled with unique botanicals will help them discover new flavours. This kind of gift will certainly make their gin drinking experience more enjoyable.

    Gin a Month – This is an amazing gift for any occasion, an introductory to Australian gin and a chance to enjoy Australian craft gins for a period of three months. And they come with mini distillery labels and tasting notes card, making it a gift that even non-gin lovers will find interesting.

    Wondering How to Become a Gin Connoisseur Yourself?

    If you’re starting to like gin more by now, but don’t see yourself as a gin lover yet, here are a few tips you could use next time you taste gin. It’s best to sip neat at room temperature. Swirl the spirit in your mouth and let the warmth hit your tongue. A good gin will not burn. Add a bit of cold water before swirling it one more time, which allows for the botanicals to come through. That way you can easily recognize qualities, scents and tastes and find your favourite cocktail. From old-fashioned Martinis to citrus-flavoured Tom Collins, or the aperitif staple Negroni, feel free to experiment and improve your gin knowledge until you find your most loved one.