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    Baby Keepsakes: Capture Lasting Memories

    By on Last modified: July 9, 2021

    Most of us love keeping small objects as reminders of the key moments in our lives. This is why photographs, gifts, ornaments, souvenirs etc. are so important. When we are expecting or when we are new parents, this desire to freeze many moments of the present and send them into the future will most likely become even more pronounced. Pregnancy flies by and kids grow up so fast, so of course, we want some keepsakes from this precious time, to mark the beginning of our little one’s life.

    Understandably, things can get quite out of hand if you start keeping everything that reminds you of all of those adorable moments. So, if you are having a problem deciding what you want to keep, instead of making a pile of things that will end up in a corner gathering dust, you can create a collection of baby keepsakes with a few useful accessories, which will help you choose easier and select the right things. 

    While, unfortunately, it’s impossible to keep a moment entirely, there ingenious personalised products that can help you choose the most important things so that you can really exhibit your keepsake and enjoy looking at them for years to come.

    Pregnancy Journal

    pregnancy journal

    There is nothing as magical and beautiful as bringing new life into the world. So whether you are someone who likes journals and enjoys spending time looking at old photos and remembering the good old times, or you don’t consider yourself sentimental and have never felt this need before, you’ll probably want to have something to remember this journey from the very first moments. In a pregnancy journal you can include all the moments, small and big, including doctor visits, the planning, creating the nursery, ultrasound pictures, pregnancy photos, anecdotes, and any other things you want to remember forever. 

    Baby Memory Book

    New parents take thousands of photos of their baby, trying to capture every moment because every moment in their newborn’s life seems like the most important one. Nevertheless, most of those photos will end up hidden in some folders on an old computer or on a hard drive in a draw.

    So, if you want to create a real palpable reminder of your child’s first years, you can get a baby memory book, that will allow you to record the milestones, key baby memories, or the cutest moments from their birth until they start going to school, including ultrasound pictures, photos, their first artworks, birthday mementoes etc. This book can be a great addition to a decorative shelf in the living room, or you can keep it until your child grows up, and then give it to them on some special occasion.

    Baby Handprints and Footprints

    baby handprint

    Everyone melts when they see those cute tiny baby hands and feet. And probably why one of the most used images to represent motherhood or fatherhood is a baby’s hand holding an adult’s finger. But babies’ grow really fast, it’s not a surprise that many people decide to take the baby’s handprint and footprint as a beautiful baby keepsake. The two most popular ways of preserving handprint and footprint are with clay or with paint or ink. You can get moulds in frames, in little tin boxes, as ornaments etc. They can also be the perfect personalised baby keepsake gift for the grandparents or other family members.

    Baby’s Firsts

    There are many items that you can keep as a reminder of the first years of your child’s life, even before your baby is born., and then display them or create a baby box to keep them forever. Aside from pregnancy photos, baby photos, ultrasound pictures etc., these items may include: the baby’s hospital wristband, a newspaper from the date of the birth, the first lock of hair, the first dummy, the first toy, a favourite baby clothing piece, a pair of their first socks, shoes, mittens, their first tooth, their first artwork, birthday cards, congratulation cards from friends and family from when they were born and so on.

    Displaying Baby Keepsakes

    baby keepsakes

    There are many beautiful products that will allow you to display all of your favourite newborn baby keepsakes. You can get picture frames, or personalised frames with moulds for handprints and footprints and photos, you can get a letterboard for special announcements or for monthly baby picture, and so on. You should try to keep it simple and not overdo it, and instead of keeping a lot of things, choose ones from the most important milestones. You can buy keepsakes boxes and fill them with baby’s firsts, buy books, like a pregnancy journal and a baby memory book, create a baby album, etc.

    Try to have a couple of items that you can later display on a shelve, for instance, and create a mini “baby museum”, that will be a part of your home’s décor. Buy the infant keepsakes products that you want to exhibit as you would any other homeware, that is, by trying to find something that will fit right into your interior design.