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    Bean Bags: It’s The Right Time to Make an Upgrade in Comfort & Style

    By on Last modified: November 16, 2017

    Are you looking for some fun ways to spice up a tired seating area? Look no further than the 70s. If you were around at that time, you must remember the bean bag – that huge, puffy chair people would fight over to sit in. If not, at some point you probably begged your parents to get you one, since they are a common finding in teens’ bedrooms. Well, it turns out that bean bags are still very much around. And not hidden in some kid’s bedroom, but have made their ways into our precious living rooms.



    Over the years, the bean bag managed to evolve past the vinyl monstrosity of the 70s that would glue to your skin any time you tried to get up. Today, there’s no shortage of stylish bean bags to choose from, which not only look good but feel great as well. With just a simple digging through the internet you can find a plethora of designs, some with a youthful playfulness and others more subtle to serve as your living room’s occasional gem for years to come.


    Love the plush feel of lambswool? There are many faux fur option that are as much budget friendly as they are animal friendly. This fluffy bean bag can be great as a statement piece in a shabby-chic living room, or as a private reading corner in your bedroom. Imagine coming home after a hard day’s work only to land yourself into the cosy embrace of a fluffy oversized bean bag. Why not treat yourself to this heavenly feeling!


    If I walked into this living room, I know exactly where I’ll be sitting. I love how this bean bag fits with the colours and the overall design of the room and replaces the role of an occasional chair. With an occasional chair, you only get just that – a chair that serves as a décor piece. But with a pouf, you get a focal point, an occasional chair, and a comfortable seating – all in the same wonderful package. Such a bean bag can also be considered an extension to the sofa in a small room where there’s not much space to include a complete four-seater sofa.


    The advantage of bean bags is that you can also take all that comfort outside as well! Plastic outdoor chairs everywhere are living in fear of being replaced with the amazing outdoor beanies. They are hip, easy to wash and keep clean, and easy to move all around your garden for you to enjoy. Want to read a book on your balcony? You have the perfect reading spot. Want to get a tan, drag the beanie over to the sunny side of the garden, and feel the pleasant sun rays on your skin. Just, don’t forget to apply enough sunscreen. Chances are when you make yourself comfortable in your outdoor beanie, you won’t want to get inside anytime soon.