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    Catch the Electric Surge: Why Evolve Skateboards Are Dominating the Scene

    By on Last modified: August 15, 2023

    Few activities are as thrilling as riding a skateboard. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing all the latest flicks and kicks or just in it for the smooth ride, the adrenaline rush is second to none. You’re not bound by the conventional rules of the road, and you’re not just exploring a designated route; rather, you’re conquering terrain, going where others cannot. It’s more than just a sport – it’s an entire lifestyle with people who are passionate about the same thing.

    While traditional four-wheeled models are certainly popular, electric varieties have been gaining a lot of traction lately. Not only do they bring the same sense of freedom, but they’re also faster and more efficient. So it’s no surprise then, that getting a powerful and reliable Evolve electric skateboard has become a top priority for many avid skaters.

    Brief Overview of Evolve’s History

    evolve electric skateboard
    Source: Pexels

    Taking its roots in Australia’s Gold Coast, Evolve Skateboards has been producing innovative and high-performance electric skateboards for over a decade. The brand’s dedication to quality and performance has earned it a loyal following of riders, creating a market for its products worldwide.

    Their clever combination of aesthetic design, cutting-edge technology and premium engineering has made their boards stand out from the competition. With a range of models to suit any type of rider, Evolve has become a leader in the electric skateboard industry, with over 15 awards to its name.

    Main Features of Evolve Electric Skateboards

    Across the Evolve electric skateboard line, riders can expect a number of impressive features. Each option brings its own set of unique perks, along with some nifty general features to boost your ride.

    High-Performance Motors

    Electric motors are the heart of skateboards of this type, and Evolve has equipped its products with some of the most powerful motors in the industry. Their high-torque brushless models rely on dual-drive technology to achieve maximum power and efficiency. With each motor boasting a 2,000-watt output, you can be sure of a high-performance ride.

    Even if you’re pushing your board to the limits, the motors are designed with thermal protection and overload protection for added safety. When there’s a greater demand than the motors can provide, they will reduce power automatically to maintain optimal performance.

    Long-Range Battery Life

    evolve electric skateboard
    Source: Pexels

    The Evolve skateboard line is powered by lithium-ion batteries, guaranteeing long-range rides with each charge. When there’s no time to stop and recharge, you can rely on the battery to last for up to 50 km before it needs a recharge. Even if there’s little time between rides, the batteries have an impressive speed of recharge. You don’t even need to wait hours before you’re ready to go again – the standard model can recharge in just two hours. In this way, you can be out and about more often with the same level of performance.

    Multiple Riding Modes

    Given the different types of riders around, Evolve has created three riding modes that can be adjusted to suit the level and preference of each user. Beginners will benefit from ECO mode which provides a steady but low-powered ride. Meanwhile, experienced riders have the option of boosting their performance in PRO mode or customising their ride with customizable settings in ADVANCED mode.

    Even the more laid-back riders will appreciate the convenience of these riding modes. The intuitive design allows you to switch between them on the fly, so you can shift from a casual ride to an adrenaline rush with just a few presses of a button.

    Customisable Wheels

    Evolve skateboard wheels are designed for ultimate performance and durability. You don’t have to settle for the standard size either – you can swap them out for different ones to suit your preferred terrain. Evolve skateboard wheels come in a range of sizes and materials, giving you more control over your ride.

    Sturdy and Lightweight Construction

    evolve electric skateboard
    Source: Pexels

    The base and deck of these products bring maximum sturdiness for a smooth ride. The high-quality materials make them light enough that you can take your board anywhere – they only weigh between 8 and 10 kilograms. Speaking of materials, the most common option is bamboo construction, giving the board extra flex for better performance. Plus, if you prefer to customise your deck with grip tape, it’s easy to do so thanks to the precision-cut pattern of the top plate.

    Regenerative Braking System

    You don’t have to worry about brakes either – each board comes with a regenerative braking system as standard. This means the motors will kick in when you’re slowing down, giving you more control over your speed and helping to reduce energy consumption. When you stop, the electric motors will capture the energy from braking and store it in the battery. You can then use that stored energy to power your next ride, giving you an extra boost of speed when you need it most.

    Easy to Maintain and Replace Parts

    The maintenance of the Evolve skateboards is relatively easy compared to other models. The technology used ensures that they are built to last, with parts that are simple to replace if needed. The built-in software also makes it easier to diagnose any problems, so you can get back on the road faster.

    Whenever there’s a need to replace any components, the brand offers a range of genuine parts for each model. This means you won’t have to worry about making repairs with knock-off items that don’t offer the same quality or performance as the original.