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    Christian Fiction: It’s Time To Meet C.S. Lewis

    By on Last modified: August 14, 2015

    If there is one name in the world of Christian ideology and literature that stands out the most than it definitely must be C. S. Lewis, the man of honor, faith and influence.

    Anyone who appreciates the philosophy of Christianity powerfully explained in pro-Christian texts, must have heard about Clive Staples Lewis. For those who still have not, C S Lewis is a well-known Irish writer who dedicated his life to teaching Christianity and spreading God’s word with a pen and a piece of paper, by creating the most influential Christian books ever known.


    Clive Staples Lewis was born in 1989 in Ireland and has made his first steps into the world of Christianity by teaching at the Oxford University. This is where he started his life-journey in becoming world’s most acclaimed writer that uses philosophy and logic in supporting the principles of Christian faith. The Christian-literature audience also knows him for the fantastic ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ book series that have been adapted into various big and small screen films.

    With the main focus on classic philosophy and literature, C S Lewis published his very first piece of work in the mid-1920s. He was finally introduced to the reading audience with the satirical book, called ‘Dymer’ (1926). Following pieces of pure art were ‘The Allegory of Love’ (1936) that brought Lewis the Hawthornden Prize and the trilogy ‘Out of the Silent Planet’ (1938). Clive Staples Lewis was also known for his powerful broadcast speeches, collected and published in one single book, called ‘Mere Christianity’ (1952).

    ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ children’s series were published book by book during the ’50s. ‘The Witch and the Wardrobe’ and ‘The Lion’ were the first two releases of the seven-book series. C S Lewis did not stop his professional path here, as he started to work as a literature professor in 1954 at the Cambridge University.

    In 1956, Lewis married the love of his life, Joy Gresham, a successful American-English teacher, but their love story lasted only four years, due to Joy’s death (she lost a battle to cancer in 1960). Broken and devastated, Clive Staples Lewis poured off his deep grief for his wife in the book ‘A Grief Observed’, published a year after. In 1963, he left his position at Cambridge University due to health problems. The same year, the world of Christian literature said goodbye to the most intellectual giant of the 20th century who is widely appreciated even today.