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    Console Tables: Add Texture and Dimension to Any Room

    By on Last modified: March 31, 2021

    Although they aren’t considered an essential item, when talking about basic furniture pieces needed for a functional home, console tables are pretty high on the list. These are extremely versatile pieces that can do wonders for your home’s interior design. They can enrich almost any room, and you can use them to add more decor, more layers, give the room more style, interest and dimension, provide it with new surfaces for decorating, even add some more storage space, etc.

    Console tables

    But the fact that you can use these tables in so many different ways and the fact that they can add style to any room aren’t the only reasons why they make such a great addition to any home’s design. On top of all that, they come in many different styles, materials, colours, sizes, etc. So, if you are looking to spruce up your home and add interest to it, our suggestion is to browse through the range of beautiful console tables online and find the one that ticks all the boxes.

    Choose the Right Console Table for Your Home

    Console tables come in a range of styles, which makes them very attractive. But, even though it’s really easy to fall in love with one, before ordering it, you should plan what you’re going to do with it. Unfortunately, if you don’t have enough space, if your apartment is really small, then maybe you are better off without one. On the other hand, if you think you have enough space, then investing in such a piece of furniture can be one of the best design decisions you’ve ever made.

    Nevertheless, before letting yourself fall in love with a table, you should measure the place where you want to use it, and look at the specifications of the table, so you don’t make a mistake. You can also choose more places around your home which might benefit from a console table, in case you decide to move it in the future.

    Console tables

    Give Your Console Table a Purpose

    Once you’ve decided you want a console table buy one that will work well with the rest of the décor, but also one that will work for whatever purpose you want to give it. Depending on its size, you could use your new table in many different ways. It can be a perfect addition to your living room, your bedroom, or even your entryway or your hallway, and you can use it as a sofa table, a buffet, a vanity, even a desk or a TV stand, etc. You can place it behind the beautiful sofa in your living room, use it to display an art piece or photos of the family, you can use it in the bedroom as a makeup vanity and so on.

    One of the best things about these tables is that thanks to their versatility, they can be easily reused and repurposed. Not only can you move your table to a different room or place, but you can also change the decorations on it and spruce it up differently. This will give your space an instant small makeover.

    Console tables

    Decorate Your Console Table

    There are endless ways to style a console table, and moreover, since it’s such an easy task, you can change the styles whenever you feel like making a change. Choose the decoration items as you would for any other surface in your house. Play with colours, height, texture, patterns, etc. You can use the table to display art pieces, decorative objects like vases, candles etc., nice bottles of alcoholic beverages, lamps, books and so on. Depending on the style and the size of the table, you can use it to display items on the top, or under the table, you can store things in it etc.

    If you decide to use a console table to display a wall artwork, you can decorate it further by placing two identical objects on either side, like vases or You can also go with one bigger item in the centre of the table, such as an art piece or a big mirror, a framed photo, a nice high decorative lamp, a beautiful big plant, or something else in the centre of the table, for a different effect. You could also go for a different type of centre of the table, by creating a grouping of items, like photos, art pieces etc.

    You can layer your console table with different objects such as lamps, vases, books, boxes, etc. You can also add a plant, and if they don’t seem high enough, you can use books or boxes to add more height. You can use this to add height, or you can add items with different heights for more interest, you can choose to create symmetry or asymmetry, or to add more balance.