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    Curves Redefined: How to Choose the Perfect Plus Size Shapewear for a Stunning Silhouette

    By on Last modified: September 26, 2023

    The body acceptance movement and the inclusion of big-bodied models in mainstream fashion are helping curvy girls all over the world to give themselves permission to feel attractive. This means, gone are the days of covering your curves with baggy or poor-fitting clothes. The time to embrace your curves, play up your strengths, and demonstrate to the world that you are proud of your body and not ashamed to flaunt is here!

    And now that there is a wider range of plus-sized clothing options available on the market, instead of “dressing to hide”, you can learn to dress in a way that expresses who you are while showing what you’ve got. And with the right plus size shapewear underneath to highlight your silhouette, you can wear any style with confidence.

    In the last years, shapewear has gotten a negative reputation by being linked with the idea of “dropping a dress size”. However, that’s not at all what it is intended to do. Consider high-quality shapewear a way of enhancing your natural curves rather than as something to change your physical appearance.

    Which Shapewear Is Best for Plus-Size Ladies?

    women wearing shapewear

    Every woman is unique and they all feel differently about their bodies. So, what shapewear fit works best for you will depend on what you expect to get from the shapewear. That said, it might take a bit of research to find out the right plus size body shaper for your figure. Let’s take a look at the most common types of plus size shapewear available so you can find out which one best fits your needs.

    High Waisted Shaping Panty

    This could be your best option if you’re seeking plus-size shapewear for lower stomach control. Made to smooth your tummy and cinch your waistline, body shaper pants are perfect for slipping on under a figure-hugging dress to really show off your curves.

    High-Waisted Shaping Shorts

    This is a fantastic option for contouring the waistline all the way down to your tights. It looks great worn underneath a long dress that hugs your form. You stay comfortable while still experiencing significant contouring effects thanks to the flexible boning built in to help shape your body and improve your posture.

    High-Waisted Shaping Boy Shorts

    For those times when you want a shaping that offers support whilst still leaving your legs bare, a high-waisted shaping boy short can help. The smooth finish of this style of shapewear offers coverage for your tummy and bottom while still allowing your legs to breathe completely.

    High-Waisted Shaping Leggings

    These body-shaper leggings are the perfect replacement for uncomfortable, unattractive, and subpar leggings that barely get you through the week. These chic leggings, which are made of durable stretch material, provide complete stomach support and have a gorgeous contoured finish all the way to your feet.

    Open-Bust Mid-Thigh Bodysuit

    For women who want complete control over their hips, thighs, butt, stomach, and sides, this type of shapewear is the best option. However, it’s particularly great for bodies that might not fit into the allocated bra cups of other complete bodysuits or for women who desire more cleavage and/or a better bust form than standard bodysuits offer. If not, it’s the ideal smoothing foundation to put on underneath fitted garments.

    Essential Qualities of Plus-Size Shapewear

    woman putting on shapewear

    There are certain qualities you’ll want your shapewear to feature. After all, not all shapewear is created equal.


    Never compromise comfort in favour of fashion. Comfort is crucial when it comes to plus-size shapewear. Consider buying shapewear made of breathable materials to ensure you stay at ease all day. Avoid restricting or too tight shapewear. You want shapewear that will improve your mood rather than depress it.


    You don’t have to give up style just because you are plus size. There are many attractive and practical solutions for plus-size shapewear. Attempt to choose shapewear that enhances your form. Pick shapewear that matches the colour of your skin. Additionally, don’t be scared to try out other styles.


    Of all, a decent fit is the most crucial aspect of plus-size shapewear. Before purchasing shapewear, make sure to try it on. When shopping online, pay close attention to the sizing charts. Also, always go for well-fitting shapewear. Do not wear shapewear that is too big or too tiny.

    Support Level

    How much compression do you want your shapewear to offer? Shapewear for plus size ladies generally come in three different types of compression: light, medium and firm.

    • Light compression: Shapewear pieces with light compression will smooth target areas, allowing you to wear clothes more comfortably.
    • Medium compression: When it comes to accentuating your curves, medium compression shapewear pieces are the way to go. Shapewear with medium compression is constructed of soft, stretchy materials that move with your body and add delicate curves to your figure.
    • Firm compression: A great option for contouring your shape. For formal, structured attire like wedding gowns, prom dresses, evening gowns, and cocktail dresses, firm and extra-firm control pieces are ideal. You should not feel confined but rather toned and sturdy.