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    Custom Roller Blinds: The Just-Right Window Coverings

    By on Last modified: July 4, 2016

    If thinking of installing new window treatments but don’t know where to start, how about custom roller blinds?! Custom roller blinds are becoming highly popular these days due to the trendy look they offer. Plus, they are available in a variety of colours and designs and can fit the interior decor of any household.Custom roller blinds

    Custom roller blinds feature simple lines, do not have a lot of fabric, fit closely to the window and are very easy to operate (thanks to the choices you have in operating systems). Roller blinds can be operated by a chain drive, be spring assisted, or fully motorised. When you choose a motorised or chain-drive roller blind you can actually connect various blinds together, which allows you open and close various blinds at once. This is a great option for windows that have furniture placed in front of them.

    One of the reasons these blinds are the choice of many homeowners and apartment dwellers as well, is because they can be customised to fit any window size and shape. If you are a perfectionist, looking at your windows and seeing a gap just because blinds weren’t measured, surely drives you crazy. With custom roller blinds such problems are thing of past. The blinds provider will make sure the blinds fit your windows perfectly. In most cases, a representative will be sent to your place to personally check the windowpane, take measures and even suggest possible custom roller blinds design and colours to match the room.

    The one thing everyone wants from their blinds is durability, and custom roller blinds provide this as well. Made from durable steel tubes, optimal operating systems and high-end fabrics, you can be confident that your roller blinds will operate the same as new even after years of use. And because most fabrics used are specifically treated to resist UV, your blinds will not fade. Moreover, beside easy to install and convenient to use features, these blinds are very easy to maintain and keep clean. For the most part all that’s needed is once a week vacuuming with a soft brush tool and of course, spot cleaning when needed.

    Since roller blinds are very popular nowadays, there is a number of online and local stores that offer them to make sure the demands of customers are met. Make sure to find a company with some experience in the industry that aside from custom designing your blinds, will also install them in your home, ensuring a perfect look of your windows.