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    Deck Ovens: The Best Way to Perfect Pastries

    By on Last modified: June 9, 2021

    Baked goodies have been circling the world for many, many centuries now. Humans discovered the art of baking around 10 thousand years ago and it has been going strong ever since, surviving the collapse of many civilizations through the years and still maintaining a high place in society today.

    Baking is now a well-respected profession many people depend on, both those who do it and those who consume the goods. There’s nothing like getting that perfect little pastry on your way to work in the morning to start your day off right, is there?

    From simple breads and pastries to extravagant cakes and hundreds of other items, baking is versatile, innovative, creative, and gives us super tasty products in the process. There aren’t many people that can say no to a well-baked goodie.
    women bake bread in a bakery

    If you’re a baker, you’ll know that having an idea is as important as having the right ingredients, but you’ll also know that everything is as good as nothing without the right oven to bake it to perfection.

    Today I’d like to talk about a type of commercial oven that’s innovative, easy to use and install, and will always make sure you have exactly what you need to bake the perfect pastry every time.

    They’re called deck ovens and here’s why I think they’re amazing!

    Modular Design

    When we say that something is modular, we mean that the product in question is subdivided into smaller parts, called modules, that together form the whole system in question. Just like modular homes, for example, a quality deck oven is usually made out of different panels, or in this case decks, which is where the oven gets its name from.
    modular electric deck oven

    This is a great feature, especially when it comes to commercial baking, as each deck is actually a stand-alone part, even though it is within the system that is the deck oven, and can be controlled and operated separately from the rest.

    We know that commercial baking usually means baking a bunch of different products which not always require the same temperature, baking time, and way of baking to turn out as scrumptious as they do. Because of this many professional bakeries install a bunch of ovens to be able to respond to the needs of each pastry they’re making.

    This is a practical approach to the issue, but it’s also space-consuming and can get pretty expensive. Deck ovens, however, have the power of up to three separate ovens within one unit, making them practical and very easy to use, saving you space and money in the process.

    Various Settings & Additions

    As I said, not all pastries are made in the same way. A loaf of bread and a pie, for example, require completely different temperatures, different baking time, a different baking mode, and so on.

    When you have a bunch of stand-alone ovens you can use one to bake bread in and another to pop pies in, but the decks within the bakery deck oven allow you to put both the breads and the pies in the same unit and adjust the settings as needed.

    Depending on the size and model of your modular oven, you can put either 6, 3, or 2 trays per deck, making the deck ovens perfect for both small and big bakeries alike. You know how much space you need and how many pastries you bake a day, so with these options, you can really customize your experience and make sure you have exactly as much space as you need.
    baking deck oven

    If the time comes when you need more decks, you can just add decks until you come to the maximum of 5 decks per oven. The starting point is usually 1 to 3 decks, so by being able to add 2 more to each modular oven you own you’re going to be saving space while still having more baking capacity.

    What’s more, the ovens allow up to 150 different programs per deck, they allow additions like steam units or stone floors for pastries that require such cooking, they have three different control zones within each deck, and are guaranteed to maintain the temperature you’ve set until baking time is over.

    Energy Efficient Operating

    Picking up where we left off a second ago, I’d like to highlight one last feature these deck ovens have that I feel will totally win anyone over.

    Even though they have so many options, so many different decks, a whole load of storing power, allow upgrades of different kinds, and save you space they’re still completely energy-efficient and eco-friendly baking units.
    tube deck oven

    Able to operate on either gas or electricity, they feature completely programmable modes that will allow you to save up on energy while still using the oven’s full potential.

    Their special design allows even heat distribution thanks to a unique system they have installed which really adds to the efficiency of the oven. Furthermore, the Power Master Control standard they incorporate is an industry-leading power-saving feature, which helps with heat distribution, temperature maintenance, and energy efficiency. They also feature an auto power-off option.

    To Sum Up

    All in all, I feel that these ovens are a truly state-of-the-art product within the baking industry and can change the way bakeries around Australia operate and do business.

    There are many different appliances a bakery needs, but the oven is at the top of that pyramid, so investing in a unit that’s good enough and will aid your masterpieces in becoming even better is something you should definitely consider.

    I hope all this information has nudged you into looking at these ovens for yourself and elevating your baking business to a whole other plane (or deck!), serving happy customers for years and years to come.