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    Different Eyelashes Styles to Make Your Eyes Pop

    By on Last modified: May 4, 2021

    The history of false eyelashes dates back to the beginning of the 20th century in America. However, soon after their appearance, falsies became very popular among the classy Manhattan ladies. Since then, false eyelashes changed and evolved a lot to keep up with the makeup trends throughout history and stay the statement-making detail of every makeup look.

    Today, regardless of the numerous lash extension techniques and different mascaras to achieve the desired makeup look, there’s nothing that can beat false lashes since they’re simple, convenient and make your eyes pop without much effort. For this purpose, we selected a couple of false eyelashes styles that never went out of fashion and look gorgeous with different makeup looks.

    Wispy Eyelashes


    If you want to learn the gorgeous makeup secret of the numerous Instagram fashion influencers, stop watching tutorials and start searching for your perfect pair of wispy eyelashes. These gorgeous wispies are the ultimate “goals” lashes since they’re all about rich, long and fluffy eyelashes. This is because they’re made of individual lashes combined in sequences, which makes every eye makeup look lavish and noticeable.

    If you have no idea how to incorporate them in your look, don’t be afraid to go plain, since a pair of wispy false lashes and your favourite lip balm is everything you need to look fresh. They are perfect for rocking the “no makeup” makeup look without putting in too much effort.

    Aside from going plain, a pair of wispy eyelashes is welcome in every makeup look. Starting from the rich look of the nude smoky eye and a statement lipstick in wine shades, you’ll never go wrong with a pair of wispies. They will additionally enhance the richness and make you look like you came straight out of a makeup studio even if you’re not a pro at “smoking” your eyes. This also applies to the popular ombre and smudged eyeliner makeup looks since they tend to draw attention from the clumsily blended shadows, unlike the sticky mascaras that, when smudged, can make your makeup look sloppy and completely unattractive.

    Glamour Lashes

    Their name says it all, they’re glamorous, elegant, and simply fabulous. The glamorous lashes’ purpose is to give you a voluminous and rich makeup look, without making your eyes appear like you stuffed a bunch of mascara layers in a hurry. In fact, a pair of glamorous lashes will make your eyes look more mysterious, since they’re made of individual lashes placed on very short distances between each other along the lash, and tend to be a bit thicker than the average wispy false eyelashes.

    Their lighter variants are the perfect fit for women who prefer wearing false lashes on daily basis, and their bolder ones are made to accompany every elegant makeup look for red-carpet events. So, make sure you glue a nice pair of glamorous lashes to give your deep midnight or metallic eyes some more elegance and fullness or make your dark, perfectly smoked eyes even more mystique and sexy.

    Doll Lashes

    Doll lashes

    The dolly-styled fake lashes are very popular among women and can be spotted on a lot of celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba and Megan Fox. As their name implies, these lashes give you the ultimate doll-like eyes, since they’re longer near the middles and shorter on the edges. This means making your eyes appear rounder and larger than they are, and look extremely exotic if you have naturally bright eyes.

    The fact that they’re made of clumps of lashes makes them perfect to show off your eye shadow blending skills, so make sure you apply some bright eye shadows or make that perfectly winged eyeliner “on fleek” accompanied with a pair of these gorgeous doll lashes.

    Cat Eye Lashes

    Cat eyelashes

    The cat eyelashes are all about feline eyes and give your eyes a sultry, appealing look. They’re mostly intended for round eyes since they tend to give them a dose of sexiness and mystery. This is due to them being the total opposite of the doll-eyes- starting from shorter inner edges and lengthening to long, angled outer lashes curled in the shape of L- the ultimately flared lashes you’ll ever wear.

    And even though these lashes mimic the shape of winged eyeliner, don’t hesitate to enhance your eye’s sexiness by “winging it” additionally or blend some eye shadows with an intense finish, or simply do both for the complete feline eye. To enhance your sexy cat eyes more, you can also smudge your eyeliner, but only if you’re skilled enough to avoid the sloppy eye makeup look. Aside from that, the cat eyelashes work great with the timeless smoky eyes, so make sure don’t go plain with these lashes, since the range of opportunities is huge as long as you experiment.

    Flirty Lashes

    Flirty lashes

    As their name suggests, flirty lashes are all about having a lovely and charming makeup look and will do all the flirting for you. Once you apply them on, they should look enough tapered to give you the subtle flirty look, even though they’re less flared than the cat-eye ones. So make sure you blend some sexy sunset look-alike shadows or go for another ombre styled makeup look like a great accompaniment to these flirty lashes. Also, these lashes are perfect to be worn with the nude eye makeup look, as long as you apply a vibrant lipstick colour that matches your outfit and enhances your flirty mood.

    The list of false lashes styles doesn’t stop here, since you can also choose subtle lashes to accompany your “no makeup” makeup look, or Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner’s staggered lashes which are even more dramatic than the wispy voluminous ones. The range of looks you can get with a simple pair of these falsies is huge, as long as you experiment and find the perfect style that suits you.