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    Everything You Need to Know About Marine Bluetooth Stereo Systems

    By on Last modified: March 24, 2022

    Australians are coastal people who enjoy spending time on the water, making the most out of their water adventures. It’s estimated that approximately a million boats are registered in Australia, and 30.000 new boats are registered every year. With almost a million Australians having a boat licence, 25 per cent of the Australian population claim to go boating, making 5.8 million boaties!

    If you’re one of the many Aussies that enjoy boating regularly, you’ve been looking for ways to enhance your water adventures. With the new marine technology and accessories available today, you can easily equip any boat or yacht with the latest features, like listening to music. Whether you’re going fishing or planning a big boat party for your friends or family, music can turn your boat time into a full of sound experience because nothing beats the sounds of waves. Except, maybe, the sound of waves accompanied with your favourite music.

    The most convenient way to enable exquisite sound on your boat is to install a Bluetooth stereo marine system. You can shop a complete marine Bluetooth stereo system that packs serious sound and loads of excellent features or build your system using marine stereo components. Here’s everything to need to know about it.

    Why Should You Buy a Marine Stereo?


    You can easily get overwhelmed by the many options and comprehensive spec lists when looking for a Bluetooth marine stereo. It can make you stick to what you already know, thinking you don’t need a particular stereo and that a regular one would work fine. The design of the marine stereos isn’t the only difference between them and standard car stereos. While the white colour and the boaty design are meant to add aesthetics to your boat’s dock, they should be your last worry.

    Marine gear, especially marine electronic devices like stereos, undergoes thousands of hours of extensive pre-testing. This kind of testing includes ultraviolet chambers that stimulate sun exposure and specially designed fog chambers that mimic saltwater exposure. Testing every seal and button with blasts of water ensure that the marine electronics unit is water and moisture-proof. Only that way you can ensure that a unit will be able to endure the sort of abuse of open climate conditions. Any other stereo system than a marine one won’t last in these conditions for more than a season.

    How Does a Bluetooth Marine Stereo Work?

    marine radio stereo

    One of the most frequently asked questions about Bluetooth stereo marine systems is: how does Bluetooth work in a boat? Bluetooth works similarly to radio wave technology. It’s designed for communication between devices that have a built-in radio antenna. This type of antenna allows the Bluetooth devices to send and receive wireless signals at shorter distances, up to 10m, in any environment, including boats.

    Bluetooth devices automatically scan and detect each other. Depending on the device’s features, you can connect to one or multiple devices simultaneously. If you want to connect your radio to more than one phone, search for a Bluetooth marine stereo with various connectivity features. Once connected, you can control your marine stereo from your phone, tablet, or another Bluetooth device. This often includes power, volume, and sound control.

    What to Look for When Buying a Bluetooth Marine Stereo?

    Bluetooth Marine Stereo

    There are several key features to consider when buying a marine stereo. Water and UV resistance, as well as corrosion protection, are vital when it comes to durability. Other useful features, such as connectivity and power, impact sound performance and expandability.

    Water Resistance

    A marine radio should be water-resistant, if not waterproof, to last long and function properly. What’s the difference? Water-resistant means the radio can handle splashes of water and rain. Water-resistance levels vary from product to product, depending on the brand and manufacturer. On the other side, waterproof means that it can be fully submerged without damage.

    UV Resistance

    As boats spend most of the time in the sun, all parts of your marine stereo system need to be UV resistant. The sound equipment coated with special UV protecting materials can stay in the sun and not be affected by the cracks and damages that UV rays can cause. This stands for the stereo base but especially for speakers and subwoofers directly exposed to the sun.

    Corrosion Protection

    Saltwater, and the salty environment in general, can cause rust and corrosion. Marine gear has been designed with these conditions in mind and is rust and corrosion-resistant. The special anti-rust materials prevent your stereo from turning into a degenerated blast.

    Powerful Sound

    The open nature of the water environment doesn’t allow for good acoustics, as the sound waves have nothing to bounce off. You’ll need a more powerful speaker output or even a subwoofer if you want better sound. Some marine stereo models come with a 288 Watt Amplifier that can power up to 8 speakers/subwoofers. If you’re looking for an expandable stereo system to get the party started, keep that in mind.

    Useful Features

    While Bluetooth is the most helpful feature of a marine stereo, there are some others you might equally need. Some specs you should look for are comprehensive frequency response, lots of RMS power, enough USB ports, and a high CD signal-to-noise ratio. And, SiriusXM satellite radio tuners let you enjoy your favourite music sports and talk up to 200 miles offshore.

    Installation and Remote Control

    Designed to fit into a standard gauge opening, gauge-style receivers are the perfect option for smaller boats with limited dash space. They won’t play CDs, but they’re terrific for standard AM/FM/Weather radio and playing music from your smartphone. Bigger boat space allows for installing bigger stereo units. Having a remote control for your marine stereo will allow you to control it from anywhere on the boat. Some stereo systems come with one, while you need to buy them separately for others. If you need a remote control, ensure that the stereo you buy supports it.

    Buy the Right Marine Stereo for Your Boat


    There is a wide range of durable, high-quality marine radios today. With that variety in mind, there are many things to consider when shopping for a marine audio system. Make sure to study each product carefully before deciding which one is the best for you. That way, you can make sure you take your on-water boat adventures to another level.