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    Fashion Trends: Vintage Kids Dresses Are the New Luxury

    By on Last modified: September 28, 2021

    The times, they are a-changing but some fashion trends stay the same. Sure, fashion has undergone multiple revivals and transformations throughout the years but certain style choices have managed to stand the test of time. This is where vintage clothes come in since they’re the perfect blend of retro fashion and modernism.

    Back in the day, vintage clothing was synonymous with worn or used clothing but today it’s the embodiment of urban style with a hint of quaint detailing. Think about it, you’ve probably heard celebrities talk about all the vintage clothes they wear to award ceremonies and whatnot, so what’s stopping everyone else from joining in on the fun?

    And by everyone else, I mean children too. Now that you’re moved on from the newborn baby girls’ clothes, you’re ready to put your big girl clothes on. Most of the time, when you’re trying to dress up your kid, you’re practically winging it since they don’t have their own sense of style yet. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It could just be your ticket to experiment with loads of different fashion trends and potentially find something they actually like.

    If you’re looking for a place to start, we’d suggest taking a peek at eye-catching vintage girls dresses that will undoubtedly level-up your girl’s fashion game.


    What Is the Purpose of Vintage Clothing?

    Out of context and in literal terms, the word vintage means ‘from the past’. While it is better to leave some things in the past, the same can’t be said about vintage-inspired clothes. Not all clothing in this category is already worn though since some pieces are simply based on trends and designs that were popular way back when. In other words, they’re supposed to represent the era in which they were created. And they’re still making a splash today. All things considered, buying vintage clothes nowadays is a tell-tale sign that you’re up to date with the latest trends.

    With that said, vintage kids clothing is no different. In fact, it’s an entirely separate genre in itself with lots of interesting pieces as part of its arsenal. Let’s dive in and see what we can find.

    How Do You Choose Vintage Girls Dresses?

    This is by far the most popular choice among vintage shoppers and for a good reason too. Here’s what you need to pay attention to the next time you shop for a vintage girls dress.


    Do Your Research

    The idea is simple – you need to know what you’re looking for before you shop. This means that you’ll have to do a bit of research on what vintage clothing actually is so that you don’t get duped. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. But it’s still something you should avoid.

    To get a better understanding of how things work, you might want to have a look around in a few vintage shops before you decide to get anything. In this way, you’ll have a taste of what to expect which will, in turn, help you make the right choice.

    Choose the Right Fabric

    So many people get carried away with looks that they completely forget about the fabrics. And when it comes to vintage girls dresses, it’s absolutely crucial to find materials that are light, breathable and non-irritating. You wouldn’t want your kid to develop a rash, would you? Probably not. This is why you need to feel out the fabric first and then let your precious angel try it on. If it doesn’t feel right to the touch then it’s certainly not worth considering.


    Check the Sizing

    This one should be a no-brainer for all clothing purchases. Despite the fact that your kid is likely going to outgrow the dress fairly quickly, it’s advisable to get the appropriate size. Some vintage shops might have only one or two sizes available but don’t let that fool you into getting the first one you lay your hands on. Size really does matter and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

    Playful Patterns Is the Way to Go

    You know the best part about wearing a vintage kids dress? The sheer number of styles and design patterns they come in. Can you think of a better way to get playful with fashion? Because we certainly can’t.

    Benefits of Wearing Vintage Dresses

    Before you hop into your shopping spree, let’s have a look at a few benefits from wearing vintage inspired clothes.

    Unique and Original Style

    Fashion does in fact change but do you know what else it does? It gets boring and repetitive. To the point where you see the same two pieces of clothing in about 50 different shops. Are people running out of ideas or what? Fashion is all about getting creative and inspired and vintage clothing is the perfect outlet for your imagination. Next time you dress up your baby girl in a vintage dress, you’re highly unlikely to come across someone else wearing the same thing. It’s all about individuality.


    Durable Materials

    Good quality vintage clothing is made of long-lasting materials which means your child won’t wear them down so easily. This is especially convenient for you too since you won’t have to shop for new clothes every time your daughter decides she wants to run around in the spikey bushes.

    Affordable Alternative

    Most vintage clothes come with an affordable price tag too. This means that you’ll save up on quite a bit of money while your child gets to rock some amazing clothes. Sounds like a win-win in our book.