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    From the Office to a Night Out: A Guide for Buying Women’s Bottoms

    By on Last modified: January 24, 2022

    Choosing the right bottom to go with your style combination can be quite a difficult challenge. There are so many factors you need to take into consideration – the colour, the fit, the material, the occasion they’re meant for, etc. An even harder endeavour is finding the right shoes and accessories to go along with it. However, with the right advice, you can put together a stunning combination that will turn heads both in the office and on the streets.

    Formal Pants

    While dressing up for a party is fun and enjoyable, putting together an outfit for work can be a struggle. With all of the dress codes we’re supposed to follow, it’s hard to pull off a combination that is practical and looks good. Starting from the appropriate office shirt to the right pair of shoes, bottoms and accessories, putting together a work outfit needs determination and a keen eye for fashion.


    The introduction of dress pants gave a modern twist to the formal bottoms for women on the market. Their subtle and chic nature allows you to look professional and stylish at the same time. The dress pants are an essential part of any woman’s work wardrobe. They’re an adjusted version from the classic men’s formal trousers to fit the intricate female anatomy. The materials used are durable and comfortable, causing no irritation to the skin.

    It’s hard to find a pair of formal womens bottoms that are comfortable to sit in. Most of them are made primarily with the aesthetic in mind, while their material causes irritation and discomfort. The modern dress pants for women have a relaxed fit and a stretchy waistband, giving you the feeling that you’re wearing your favourite pair of sweatpants at work.

    These formal pants also come with deep-set pockets. Finally, someone who understands women! How many times have you found yourself struggling and multitasking while carrying multiple objects in one hand? Pocketless trousers make modern life a living hell for us women. Luckily, these thoughtful designers decided to end our problems and include seamless deep set pockets. Here you can fit your phone, car keys, money, or whichever small object you need to store at the moment and need to have conveniently at hand.


    Dress Pants and Different Body Types

    When choosing your pair of dress pants and accessorizing them, it’s important to take your body shape into consideration. Although there are many different body shapes, women fall into 4 main categories: hourglass, triangle, inverted triangle and rectangle. The rule of thumb is to accentuate the narrower parts of our figure while trying to neutralize the wider areas. So, for example, if you have a triangle-shaped body type, you need to choose straight-legged pants in a darker colour.

    To balance out the top and the bottom part of your body – try to keep accessories such as belts or pleats to a minimum and pair your pants with a bright-coloured statement top. For inverted triangles, you will want to do the opposite. Wear your pants with an accent belt paired with a neutral top. For a rectangular body type, I suggest you leave out any whacky belts or detailing on the waistband, but rather focus on models that have details on the hips and bottom. Look for details like zippers and buttons.

    Casual Pants

    As for casual pants, I will touch upon the most common types worn by women today – the leggings and the good old reliable jeans. When it comes to comfortable and casual bottoms for women, I’m sure we all want to thank the (fashion) gods for creating leggings. They’re lightweight and seamless, giving you mobility, flexibility and comfort every step of the way. Even though they’re one of the most versatile types of bottoms, some of us still manage to pick the wrong models.


    Although leggings are stretchable, it’s still important to choose the right fit to avoid things like the camel toe. The right size shouldn’t be too tight, but it should also outline your legs properly and not be too loose.

    Jeans are another staple piece of clothing, suitable for everyday wear, but also a trendy and versatile bottom for a night out. When picking a pair of jeans, make sure to apply the same rules about your body shape as for formal dress pants. If you have a triangle shape – black jeans with no accessories are the best choice for you. Inverted triangles may benefit more from heavily distressed or acid wash jeans. These have the ability to accentuate your bottom half and make it look bigger.

    What Type of Shoes Should I Style with Jeans?

    As timeless and versatile as jeans are, it takes the right pair of shoes to take their aesthetic to its full potential. Different types of jeans benefit from different shoe types – from plain sneakers to different types of sandals. For straight-legged jeans, opt for chunky dad sneakers, as they help to create a contrast with the long floor-kissing edges of the pants. High-waisted and flared jeans are best paired with wedges. When it comes to mules, fashion designers often pair this timeless footwear with skinny jeans, or with denim cut-offs for the hotter summer days.


    Mini vs Midi Skirts

    Both mini and midi skirts are popular summer womens bottoms. However, they’re suitable for different types of occasions. The mini skirt is an excellent casual piece for summer, both for daytime and night-time outings. Mini skirts are a great option for parties. Paired with high-heels, they make your legs look miles longer. For a more structured look, you can style it with a simple cropped jacket or a cardigan.

    The midi skirt’s length varies from just below the knee to the mid-calf. This is known by some as the “tea-length” which – you have to admit, gives a nice lady-like ring to it. The midi skirt’s distinctive poofy retro flair creates a classy timeless look. Its more conservative look makes it ideal for office wear, but it can also be worn for a night out with a classy pair of pumps.