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    HARLO Shoes: The Brand You Can Trust to Elevate Your Bridal Look

    By on Last modified: June 11, 2024

    Bridal accessories are very important on the wedding day. Not only do they cherish centuries-old traditions, but they also add elegance and grace to the bride’s look. 

    Even though the bridal trends can change from year to year, the types of accessories stay the same. Out of all the bridal accessories, the shoes play a major role in how comfortable the bride will feel. Looking at the wide variety of HARLO shoes will make it easy to add stance, style, and comfort to the bridal look without sacrificing it.

    Why HARLO Wedding Shoes?


    HARLO is Australia’s premium bridal shoe brand. This renowned brand offers a range that is comfortable, chic, quality and stylish. In its bridal shoe collections, you can find designs with different finishes from the classy and sophisticated pearls to some more complex embellishments.

    Meeting your goals is one of the most important jobs of this brand, so you can be sure that you’ll find a pair that will allow you to walk down the aisle in confidence, comfort and style. Given the fact that a great number of Aussie brides decide to have an outdoor or beach wedding, this is the main reason why in the HARLO shoes bridal collections you’ll find a wide range of block heels coming in different styles and types. 

    However, you won’t be disappointed with the collection of bridal shoes with thin heels as well. A great advantage of these shoes is that they have extra padding for improved comfort, which is essential for special days like weddings.

    Are HARLO Wedding Shoes Comfortable?

    They certainly are. These shoes are renowned and represent the perfect mix of comfort, style and chic. According to users, they are the answer to your bridal shoe dreams.

    Things to Consider When Buying Wedding Shoes


    The first rule you should follow about buying wedding shoes is to try them on. While online shopping is indeed convenient, if possible try to put on the shoes and walk a bit in them to gauge how they feel. During your special day, you don’t want to be anything but comfortable. 

    While HARLO has an extensive range with many attractive designs, this doesn’t mean that the model that attracts your eyes the most will be the perfect fit for you. Instead of making a mistake for which you’ll feel sorry, it would be best if you went over all the offered models, picked the ones you like the most and tried them because this is the key to finding the most comfortable and stylish pair.

    Heel Type 

    Given the fact that this brand can provide you with a wide range of shoes, you can choose between high heels, mid heels and even flats. And since the wedding day can be longer, when selecting the right pair make sure to put your comfort first in mind. 

    Depending on your needs and personal taste, you can also choose between pumps, sandals, slingbacks and flat sandals. An important thing to keep in mind when considering the shoe’s height is the dress’s length. If you have a longer dress, you should certainly consider choosing heels, just make sure to try them on with your dress to choose the perfect heel height.

    Wedding Location


    If the wedding event is planned to be in a restaurant, villa or any kind of enclosed place, then you have all the freedom to choose whatever type of shoes you want. However, if your wedding is outdoors and you plan to have a party in the open and on the grass, then you should certainly choose flats or at least wedges. 

    If you don’t like the idea of giving up heels, then you should invest in some good heel protectors to ensure that you won’t sink in the grass. These protectors double the purpose because they can help keep the heels in perfect condition.

    Quality and Comfort

    Quality and comfort are closely related because how comfortable your shoes will be, mainly depends on their quality. The chosen pair of bridal shoes should be made from quality materials for sure, however, they should also have quality padding, insole, outsole and heel. When having all of these things in a shoe, you can have peace of mind that you’ll experience nothing else than just comfort. In the end, shoes are one of the main ‘culprits’ for turning this day into the most amazing one, so make sure not to settle for less.



    The last thing you should consider is the colour. Even though in the past white was considered the best colour option, over the years this has changed a lot. Aside from the usual ivory, gold and silver shoes, more and more brides decide to be bolder and pick brighter shoes in fuchsia, red, green, blue and even yellow.