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    Something Old, New, Borrowed and Blue: Must-Have Wedding Accessories for Your Big Day

    By on Last modified: September 25, 2023

    What kind of bride would you like to be? Are you a Zen bride? Do you go with the flow, and don’t let canceled caterers stress you?  Are you a D.I.Y. bride who does everything by hand? Perhaps you are even making your dress. Talk about thrifty.

    Being a bride is stressful. All eyes are on you and this is supposed to be the biggest day in your life. But as much as you might think you have everything planned and figured out, sometimes you can forget certain details such as your wedding accessories. Let’s take a look at the most popular ones. 


    wedding bracelet for bride

    Here comes the bride all dressed in diamonds. You don’t have to go out and spend a zillion dollars on diamonds. Wedding bracelets are beautiful yet simple accessories. Your wedding bracelet doesn’t have to break the bank as it can be brought in high-grade cubic zirconia and Swarovski crystals. Cha-ching, we don’t have to compromise for bling. 

    Wedding bracelets come in various shapes such as bangles, pear-shaped, Swarovski crystals, silver or gold plated, and more. Very common in Australian weddings are Swarovski pearl or crystal rosary bracelets. This is a stunning piece of art meant to be wrapped around the hand. These types of prayer beads are easy to wear but authentic to their purpose.

    Keep in mind to avoid water coming into contact with your Swarovski crystals. This precious new piece you add will be something to take down to your grandchildren and their children to be cherished for years to come. This can fill their something old for a successful marriage. 


    wedding earrings

    Whether you’re going for an up-do, half-up, or fully down hair, you need earrings, trust me. Depending on your style, you can go with small or big ones.

    One classic wedding earring is the pearl. This ivory-coloured antique is a classic piece that can be worn for years to come. If you want the vintage look, I suggest a tear-drop pear. However, if you want a more modern pearl a three-set dangling pearl is right up your alley. This way you bring classic and modern to life. 

    Crystal leaf drop earrings are meant to cover a more significant amount of the ear. They don’t dangle but rather cuff the ear ever slightly. This type of style is a great look for a boho-style theme. 

    Pearl continues to be modernised with pearl flower drop earrings made with porcelain. This style makes a beautiful marriage of classic, modern, and boho. This style will be sure to peep out of any hairstyle you choose. 


    A neck is meant to be adorned. If you’re like me and don’t often wear necklaces because they feel like you are strangling. I get it, however, on my wedding day, my mother-in-law insisted I wear a necklace to my surprise she was right. Necklaces are great to complement your collarbone area especially if your dress is off-shoulder, as mine was. Momma always knows what’s best. 

    Your necklace can be rather simpler with plated gold or silver. This can be matched with a small pendant that matches your bracelet or something that offsets your simpler wedding bracelet with a staked cubic zirconia or Swarovski necklace. You are going to look beautiful.

    Hair Pieces 

    hair pieces wedding day

    Now we are to my favourite piece of accessory, a hairpiece. Again, I’ll take you back to my wedding, I purchased the fake flowers, the clips, and so on. Yet, I couldn’t find time to make my hair peace. Thankfully, a wonderful friend of mine gave me my ‘something borrowed’. She handed me her gold, flowered, and pearled hair clip from her wedding. I was more than grateful. 

    Your hair piece can be as big as a flower crown to as subtle as pearl beading throughout. Pins and combs are great additions to keep an updo in place while still adding your style to it.

    As we have said before, pearls are a classic but we want to make them modern. A great headpiece is a pearl & crystal bridal crown. The crystals are delicate and add a new look to true beauty. This headpiece can be worn flat to the head for a headband or slightly raised for more of a low crown look. You can finally be a princess for a day.  

    Time to Say I Do

    Have you decided what kind of bride would you like to be yet? I know you have been planning this day since you could dress your dolls but many things change when our dreams become reality. I encourage you to hone in well in advance on the aesthetic you want for your wedding. Grab ideas from the internet and create a file of your ideal wedding look. Find your ideal accessories, dress, makeup hair, and shoes.  I hope these essential accessories will help you get ready easier for the best day of your life.