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    The Chic Metallic Shoe Trend: Make a Bold Statement with Silver and Gold High Heels

    By on Last modified: November 23, 2022

    Мetallic footwear is a massive trend this summer, so anyone who likes to wear sparkly outfits will be happy. Any piece in your wardrobe will look effortlessly glamorous when you wear this shiny trend. To ensure they go with your clothes and vibe, you should pay attention to the shoes you buy and how you style them. Are you ready to learn more about this fascinating trend?

    Sparkle in Silver

    Silver heels

    Shoes are a great way to add sparkle to your outfit without going overboard. Whatever your style, there is a pair of eye-catching sparkly shoes for you, both in silver and gold. Although you can wear metallic shoes all the time, they’re a big hit at this time of year, with the festive season upon us.

    While the metallic footwear trend is a lot of fun for some, wearing daring footwear may seem a little intimidating for others. Since they’re more understated than gold, trendy silver high heels are a great way to ease into wearing metallic on your feet. They’re versatile and go well with almost anything, with countless options for pairing them, so you can still rock this look while staying true to your style.

    How Do You Style a Silver Heel?

    Silver heels with black dress

    Silver will give a black outfit a lot of pizazz and personality, which is why a pair of stunning silver high heels is many girls’ favoured option for their little black dress. You can wear silver ballet flats with your little black dress for a casual appearance, and when attending a night party, switch it up with a striking pair of stilettos, and you’re good to go!

    Another styling combination for silver heels is to wear them with a pop of colour. For example, pink and silver together have a grown-up Barbie feel. Instead of frilly items, give your outfit a more mature appearance by using a languid silhouette with retro influences, like a fuchsia velvet corduroy dress.

    Besides looking stunning when paired with pastels, silver is a fantastic metallic to wear with white, making it the first choice of wedding footwear for many brides and bridesmaids. A bright white with cool undertones works best with silver without drawing attention away from it. It will reflect your skin tone and dress colour due to its nearly colourless nature. Different varieties of silver high-heel shoes go well with white dresses, including holographic colours, shiny metallics, and glittery silver shoes.

    Look Sophisticated in Gold

    Any outfit can instantly gain a touch of glitz by wearing gold shoes. Warm neutral colours like tan, camel, and olive work well with golden tones. Try putting together a subdued look using variations of these colours, and observe how adding gold shoes complete the look beautifully.

    How Do You Style a Gold Heel?

    Modern gold heels

    An easy and sophisticated look that is chic but is still understated can be created by pairing a pair of gold pumps with skinny jeans and a white shirt. Another option is to accessorise your look with metallic gold sneakers to channel the athleisure trend.

    A pair of gold heels will catch your eye in the evening. Wear them with a simple monochromatic outfit for subtle elegance or with a red dress for a striking yet timeless colour combination. A pair with a pointed toe and a dainty buckle fastening is a versatile addition to your footwear collection that’ll go well with virtually everything, from nightgown dresses to office shirt staples and classy bottoms.

    Gold is many girls’ metallic hue of choice when choosing which colour shoes to wear with a white dress, as it’ll dress up even the most simple white dress. Strappy gold sandals & pumps, in particular, go well with a cream-coloured dress with warm undertones.

    Similar to silver shoes, golden shoes look stunning when worn with black clothing. Gold has a softer tone, perfect during the warmer months. Go for a pair of gold strappy sandals if you choose to wear a black sundress!

    Currently, rose gold is also trending. It’s a lovely alternative to traditional gold and has a very romantic hue. A nice pair of rose gold heels should be a permanent fixture in your wardrobe.

    How to Wear Your Metallic High Heels Pain Free?

    Have you ever questioned how some women spend the entire day wearing high heels as if they were born in them? Is there anything you can do if you so want to wear a pair of silver or gold killer heels but experience foot pain even after five minutes of wearing high heels? Here are some suggestions for how to wear your high heels all day in a stylish and pain-free manner.

    Invest in Heel Shoes that Fit

    Silver heels

    Your feet are at their largest and a little swollen from walking at the end of the day, so shop wisely, and ensure to always try the shoes in the evening. Pick a pair of shoes that fit your foot shape. Choosing the appropriate size when purchasing high heels is also crucial.

    Start Small and Make a Progress

    If you’ve never walked in heels, don’t start with 10 cm stilettos. It’s better to start low and work your way up as you get more accustomed to them. Your ankles will gain the strength to walk safely in higher heels by getting used to walking in lower heels.

    Start with a broader heel rather than a thin one to maintain balance. Wedges or platform shoes are the most comfortable women’s shoes due to the heel’s complete attachment to the sole. You feel more secure and comfortable as a result. If you want the height of a high heel but aren’t ready for stilettos, this is a great option.

    Break Them In

    Before you wear high heels for the first time, break them in. It’s crucial to break them in because it increases the shoes’ flexibility, allowing them to mould to the contours of your feet.

    Use Insoles

    Put gel or leather insoles inside your high heels for even more comfort and a better fit. They can relieve pressure and add extra support to the forefoot or heel of your foot. Additionally, they can stop your foot from slipping forward in high-heeled footwear.