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    The Most Comfortable Women’s Shoes You Could Walk in All Day

    By on Last modified: August 3, 2022

    If you’ve ever found yourself walking home barefoot with your heels over your shoulder and bandaids all over your feet, you know just how painful and uncomfortable dress shoes can be. Wearing stylish yet highly impractical shoes seems to be a common scenario for most women, but why should that be the case?

    Instead of wondering how you can fit your wider feet and toes into those painstakingly beautiful high heels, consider asking yourself this instead: what are the most comfortable types of women’s shoes that will look good and feel even better to walk in? Here’s our list of the most comfortable women’s shoes that will provide you with the confidence, support and comfort you need for any occasion.

    Comfortable Wedges

    picture of a woman sitting on a wooden bench on a sidewalk wearing black pants an shirt and brown comfortable wedges
    source: Tyler Nix on Unsplash

    Wedges offer greater stability and comfort than standard high heels, which means they are a great option if you struggle with balance. With a stylish pair of comfortable wedges, you’ll look taller while still having adequate support thanks to the increased sole surface area. However, there’s more to wedged heels than meets the eye. Here are the most popular wedge styles to explore.

    Platform Wedges

    Some women are just not satisfied with a simple heel lift – they want the extra height that will raise their entire foot and heel. With these bold shoes, you will stand tall and stand your ground easily.

    Wedge Sandals

    picture of a woman sitting on a chair wearing floral dress, purse with teddy bears and golden comfortable wedges
    source: Karen Laårk Boshoff on pexels

    Looking to incorporate some sassy flair to your beachy business event? Wedge sandals are just the right element! They can easily elevate the classic casual beach shoe by giving your heels a boost. Plus, if your wedge sandals have straps, you will feel more secure and balanced with each step you take. They’re very easy to slip on and off, which makes wedge sandals ideal for pool parties and everyday wear.

    Hidden Wedges

    Hidden wedges have become all the rage in the world of fashion in the past few years. They are so cherished because they can give you the height of heels without making it obvious. You can wear them on various occasions, secretly reaping the benefits of a comfortable heel.


    picture of a woman sitting wearing pink dress and whiite flat sandals
    source: RODNAE Productions on pexels

    Starting with the basics is always a good idea. Flats are a basic piece of footwear that offers a flexible sole with sturdy support to make sure you can get where you’re planning to go with ease. Luckily, today you can easily find flat shoes for women with great arch support in an array of styles and materials. The type of fabric you choose can make a world of difference in the general maintenance and wearability of your shoes.


    Although they might take some time to fully break in, premium-quality leather shoes are an investment that will certainly pay off in the long run. What’s more, leather is usually very easy to clean and maintain, if you do it regularly. For best results, clean your leather shoes with a dry cotton cloth. You can dampen it lightly but should allow your wet leather shoes to dry independently rather than drying them in the dryer. Also, avoid placing your leather shoes in any direct heat source to prevent peeling or other damage.


    Suede shoes are also a great investment that will serve you for years to come. Suede sandals are typically very soft and easily malleable. To keep them in great condition and maintain them properly, apply a suede cleaner to a damp cloth or a specialty brush.


    picture of a woman feet beside a cup of coffee wearing pants with flowers and orange leather  loafers
    source: Lisa on pexels

    Bring the vintage look back with a pair of stylish yet comfy loafers. Designed with a sturdy sole to add more stability and security, loafers are a great option for those busy days when you’re constantly on the go. Whichever colour you decide to go with – whether with a classic neutral hue or you want to make your loafers a statement piece, you can wear them with various pieces of clothing.

    • Slacks – When paired together, bottoms such as fashionable slacks and loafers can easily create a timeless look that’s ideal for work. Whether your job requires you to sit in an office, run errands or even stay at home, loafers can easily complete your work outfit in a classy way.
    • Skirts – To achieve a posh European look, you can easily pair your loafers with a skirt. Add a pair of tights for a cozy, warm and colourful layer to the outfit while keeping your shoes at the centre of attention.
    • Socks – Wearing visible colourful socks with your loafers has become a new trend that many celebrities have embraced. You can add a pop of colour and patterns with your socks to pull the final look together.

    Another great thing about loafers is they are very comfortable and can be easily used as work shoes for women. If you’re looking for a pair of notoriously stylish yet comfortable shoes that can make any outfit more fashionable, loafers may be just it.