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    Heat from Beneath: The Benefits of Underfloor Heating Systems

    By on Last modified: February 15, 2021

    Deciding on the way you’re going to bring warmth to your home, isn’t an easy task. And if an underfloor heating system is one of your options, you are on the right track. By warming up your home from the ground up, floor heating systems also provide the evenest warmth than any other house heating option. This means that it’s capable of creating the ideal environment for you, without any cold spots in the room where you install it.

    Because of all of this, underfloor heating is considered to be the most comfortable way to warm up any room in any house. But the comfort of having heated floors and warm feet is only one of the many benefits it offers.

    Good for the Aesthetics of Your Home

    One of the things that make it so appealing is that if you invest in house floor heating systems, you invest in a more efficient and space-saving heating system. And, since the system will be hidden under the flooring, unlike other options, you wouldn’t need to take it into the equation when you’re designing your home, as you would with radiators, for instance.

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    But, apart from leaving your entire space free of any heating components, floor heating systems also allow you complete freedom when it comes to the floor coverings as well. This heating system can be placed under any flooring type – tile, laminate, vinyl, stone, carpets etc.

    One of the concerns about floor heating systems when it comes to your home design is that they can impact the height of the floor. If this is an issue for you, you can choose electric floor heating because its construction height is much lower.

    Comfort and Safety

    With the even heat it provides, as well as the warmth of the floor itself, radiant floor heating offers unparalleled comfort. It is also the best choice amongst all heating systems regarding air quality because it keeps the oxygen-rich and the air fresh. As a result, they are also the best option for allergy sufferers. As a comparison, radiators cause air circulation, moving the dust in circles, as well as resulting in poor air quality – all of which can cause breathing problems in allergy sufferers.

    One question that many people have before they decide to buy electric underfloor heating is if it’s safe – because of the fear of mixing water and electricity, and the answer is that there is no risk of shock because they are designed to prevent any accidental harm to you. With the heating cables safely hidden away under the flooring, this system also is safer, because there wouldn’t be any hot surfaces that you or your children could touch, such as radiators, or any sharp edges on the heating system that could cause injury.

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    Another reason why they provide you with safety is that a floor warmed up by this heating systems become hygienic, as well as safe from moulds. This is especially important for bathroom floors, but the ability to dry quickly can be useful for any floor.

    Energy Efficient

    If you decide to install an underfloor heating system, you won’t need an additional heat source in the rooms where you’ve installed them. This system features heating cables that are laid in loops all over the floor. Under the cables, there is an insulation board, which makes them very energy-efficient.

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    There are two types of floor heating systems: electric and water-based. Because they heat up the room from the ground up, they don’t have to reach very high temperatures in order to keep the space warm, unlike more conventional heating systems. They provide consistent, even and efficient warmth. They are also the most energy-efficient choice, regardless of whether you choose a water-based or electric underfloor heating.

    Easy to Install and Maintain

    House floor heating systems can be installed easily into any home, regardless of whether you are renovating your home or building anew since they are suitable for different flooring types. Floor heating generally can be installed quite quickly in the room. However, this will depend on the type of underfloor heating you decide to purchase, as well as the size of the surface you want to cover.

    easy install underfloor heating

    Furthermore, there are some systems that are designed for do-it-yourself installation, and others that should be done by a qualified professional installer, familiar with underfloor heating system installation. Once they are installed, they require almost no maintenance, and they generally come with extensive warranties. While electric underfloor heating systems won’t require regular servicing, water systems will need to be reviewed from time to time to check if they are running properly.

    Easy to Use

    Floor heating is effortless to use. They are controlled by a thermostat, designed to enhance energy-efficiency. These convenient controllers are very straightforward to use, and some of them even come with advanced technology, like touch-screen thermostat controllers. With the controller, you can program a heat schedule or use an automatic setting. In turn, you won’t have to think or plan too much about the temperature of your home, since you can easily control how warm it will be, or when it will turn on or off.