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    How to Choose the Right Commercial Refrigeration Equipment for Your Business

    By on Last modified: November 11, 2021

    If you are part of the food industry, then you know that one of the secrets for business success is properly stored ingredients. That being said, commercial refrigeration equipment is essential for any kitchen, no matter what food business you have. Commercial refrigeration refers to the cold storage equipment used in commercial settings and here is all you need to know before making a purchase.

    Different Types of Commercial Refrigeration Products

    A commercial refrigerator is a free-standing piece of equipment that provides cold storage and is very useful for restaurants, department stores and other businesses and is different from what you will get in a household. Most commercial refrigerators are produced using stainless materials and can perfectly match the rest of the kitchen appliances.

    commercial fridges

    They are designed to help businesses operate at full performance on a daily basis and keep the temperature of food regulated, so it won’t spoil. You can find commercial refrigeration equipment that suits the needs of your business, so you can improve your services and meet your customer’s requirements. There is a variety of refrigerator styles you can choose from, including the following.

    Walk-in Refrigeration

    Walk-in refrigeration is a great option for restaurants and commercial kitchens that need a lot of cold storage space. A cold room can offer a lot of benefits to businesses that deal with storing large amounts of food and keeping it fresh for long periods. Many walk-in refrigerators are designed to hold rolling racks or mobile shelving. They can be found in a variety of widths, heights and lengths to fit your space.

    walk in fridge

    Reach-In Refrigeration

    This type of commercial refrigerator and freezer is ideal for restaurants, bakeries, catering services and other food service establishments. They are floor model, upright units that offer convenient storage solutions and can hold and preserve many food products and ingredients at the right temperature. Reach-in refrigerators and freezers are designed for backhouse applications in food businesses.

    Food Prep Refrigeration

    This type of commercial refrigeration features a flat surface, used for preparing specialty food items and a chilled storage section for ingredients and condiments. A hinged cover can be lowered over the top section, so it will preserve the temperature and freshness of products. Prep refrigerators are available in different lengths, so you can choose a model that fits your space perfectly.

    food prep fridge

    Worktop Refrigeration

    Commercial worktop refrigerators and freezers are high-quality pieces of refrigeration equipment and they offer a great space-saving solution. They are functional and provide a food grade prep surface, so you can prepare meals with refrigerated storage underneath.

    Refrigerated Display Cases

    A refrigerated display case is the best solution for showcasing your to-go food and desserts while keeping them fresh and chilled at all times. This type of refrigeration is designed to hold deli meats and cheese, freshly baked treats and other food items at a steady temperature while also presenting them to your customers.

    display fridge

    How to Choose Your Commercial Refrigeration Units

    You can use deck ovens to perfect your pastries, but what if you don’t have where to keep them? Choosing the right refrigeration equipment for your commercial setting will ensure that your perishable goods are protected, which is very important, for the safety of your customers and for the success of your business. To make sure you select the unit that’s most suitable for your business, consider a few factors, such as the following.


    Choose the size of your commercial refrigerator based on the needs of the business. A commercial fridge with glass doors can be very useful for locating food items easily and is suitable for any business that involves selling food items, such as a bakery, patisserie, creamery or even a café or restaurant with ice cream and gelato corner. The amount of space you have available in your commercial setting can play a big role in determining the kind of refrigerator you need.

    Also, you will need to think about the amount of food that you will need to store in your refrigeration unit. This can give you an idea of the size required, so you can find the best solution that will match the space you have available and your daily operations.


    Ease of use is an important factor to consider when selecting your refrigeration unit. If your business requires food to be displayed, then you need to make sure the refrigeration equipment is easy to use, especially for your clients. The refrigerator or freezer doors should be easy to open and the cooling temperature should be easy for the staff to control.

    fridge full with food

    Also, consider if the refrigeration unit you choose is easy to clean. Keep in mind that even it is easy to clean, you need to make sure proper care of the refrigerator or the freezer has been taken at tall times.

    Energy Usage

    Every business owner should be conscious about the energy consumption in their premises. Keeping operational costs low with high energy bills is not an easy task and that’s why it’s important to get refrigeration equipment that is energy efficient.


    Once you have selected the commercial refrigeration unit you need for your business, you need to think about keeping it in a good condition longer. It’s important to complete refrigeration services regularly, which will extend the life of your investment and save you the cost of needing to invest in a new one.


    To keep your refrigeration units running smoothly, consider commercial refrigerator and freezer parts and accessories as well.