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    How to Dress Your Toddler in the Summer

    By on Last modified: December 14, 2022

    Warmth, brightness, and an exciting yet laid-back opportunity for play define summer days. As a parent, you would surely make sure your bundle of joy is safe and comfortable during it all. From playtime in the park to family outings, the way you dress your toddler in the heat can make all the difference.

    This is why you should be very strategic when choosing children’s summer clothes. Not only does this determine how comfortable your child will be throughout the day, but it also affects how easily they can move and explore their environment.

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    Choose Cotton Fabrics for Day-to-Day Activities

    Your toddler (and everybody else!) is vulnerable to overheating on the hottest summer days. Select bright-coloured, 100% cotton, loose-fitting clothing to help keep your child cool.

    Lightweight cotton prevents irritation and cools the skin by allowing air to enter the body and allowing perspiration to drain. Opt out for light colours in the summer because they reflect heat, which keeps our bodies cool. Wearing dark-coloured clothing in the winter is common since darker shades absorb heat.

    Lighten Up With the Layers

    Simple, effortless clothes with a minimum of layers are required for hot weather. To keep your toddler cool, remove the onesie from underneath their shorts and t-shirts. A basic knit dress with no sleeves makes getting outfitted for your girls a breeze. Easy-to-pull-on shorts and soft jersey polo shirts or tees look nice and laid-back on your boys.

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    Explore Other High-Quality Materials

    To stay healthy, comfortable, and cool, utilise the special cooling qualities of natural fibres like organic merino, silk, and linen for children’s summer clothes this season. For the warmer months, the unique fibre combination of organic merino and silk is perfect.

    The cooling effects of silk combined with the absorbent and breathable qualities of fine merino wool assist to keep parents and your child comfortable throughout temperature changes, which is when this fantastic wool/silk combination really shines in the summer. Using a wool/silk combination that offers high-quality natural UV protection is excellent for your child’s skin.

    Be Generous With the Sunblock

    Don’t skip the sunscreen, even though it can be difficult to put it on a wriggly toddler because studies suggest that early sunburn can make the body more susceptible to skin cancer in later life. Many experts prefer physical barrier sunscreens to chemical sunscreens because they provide greater UVA and UVB protection and start working right away.

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    Physical barrier sunscreens use titanium dioxide or zinc oxide to block out dangerous rays. Experts advise applying generously. Make it into a tune or a game, but make sure to get it on all parts of the skin, especially skin that is truly exposed.

    No Clothes Is Acceptable Too

    Toddlers typically go through an anti-clothes phase, and if that’s the case with your child now is the time to let them. When you’re trying to avoid the heat and you e spending time at home, there’s no need for your child to wear anything other than a diaper or onesie if you’re staying in for the day. Or allow them to play by their pool in a private outside area that is shaded or completely shielded from the sun.

    Include a Comfortable Hat

    Sun hats are a fantastic way addition to kids’ summer clothing to shield your child’s face, head, neck, and ears from the sun (especially if applying sunscreen to their faces is a great challenge). Look for a hat with a chin strap, a wide brim, and UPF protection that is made of light cotton to minimize any chance of irritation.

    Never Too Early for Toddler Sunglasses

    It’s never too early to sport sunglasses, which can help protect the eyes from harmful rays. Choose a pair that blocks 100% of both UVA and UVB rays. If your little one won’t keep them on, try adding an elastic band, and be a good role model by always wearing your sunglasses when you’re outside.

    toddler with sunglasses

    Pick the Right Sandals

    Your tiny new walker has tender feet and a yearning to explore. A waterproof sandal with a flexible sole and quick-drying fabric is a must-have for their days of toddler adventure.

    An expert-recommended closed-toe sandal is best for toddlers under 2 years old since they require greater stability and support. The toes are better protected by a closed-toe cap than an open one. Both open and closed heels could provide the proper support if the sandal fits snugly around the ankle and instep.

    Keep an Extra Layer Handy

    Human beings struggle to regulate their body temperature while they are young. They require parental assistance to control their body temperature and maintain happiness. Kids’ summer clothing should have a few extra light layering options. If the baby is cold or sweats, you can add more or change their clothing. If the baby starts to perspire or gets overheated, take off a layer and let him or her feel at ease.

    Get Them a Comfortable Pair of Pyjamas

    When you’re outside with your child, as a parent, you do all you can to keep them cool. You take them to the pool, let them run around nude, and focus on any limited region of shade. You turn the air conditioning on the cold inside and make sure you keep your toddler’s temperature regulated. You will also require some simple, airy and cosy kids’ pyjamas to get you through these warmer months if you have a sweaty sleeper at home during the warmest time of the year.