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    Improve Your Biking Performance: Buy MTB Apparel

    By on Last modified: November 24, 2022

    Mountain biking is so much more than a sport. It’s the perfect activity that can improve your health, build, tone, and strengthen your muscles, reduce stress and increase your brain power. Since it’s a low-impact activity, it’s also convenient for the joints, as it puts much less strain on them compared to other aerobic activities, like running.

    On the plus side, it’s also great for your social life as it presents the chance to meet up with new MTB and outdoor enthusiasts, join MTB clubs, or head out to explore nature with family and friends. Now, to make the most of all these benefits, you ought to prepare for the sport as best as possible.

    This means besides acquiring the right MTB bike to get you through the rough terrains and a bike rack for your car, you also need to have the appropriate clothing. Before you think it’s just another expense you can live without, remember that this is not your regular clothing. It’s been specifically created to make your rides more enjoyable by keeping you dry, cool, and comfortable while protecting you from the elements.

    MTB Jerseys

    Forget about your favourite T-shirt you wear at all times – the men and women mountain bike jersey designs are created from special materials to allow for moisture wicking. This could either be polyester or nylon, or a blend of these two with elastane for that added flexibility. For the colder months, you can find quality merino wool options that offer the same comfort.

    In addition to the better fabrics, these jerseys have better properties and features than regular tops. For instance, they can provide wind resistance which can come in handy when confronted with bad weather. Overall, water and weather resistance are part of the game of some models too.

    women mtb jersey

    With a wider cut at the shoulders and sleeves and a looser fitting than road-bike jerseys, you get optimal comfort even when you lean forward as you cycle through the steep trails, which is essential for enhancing your overall biking performance. There’s also a relaxed fit at the elbows with the long-sleeved men’s and women’s MTB jersey models, allowing you to easily wear elbow guards with no restrictions of movement.

    MTB Shorts

    These shorts are optimal for challenging rides through the mountains because of the benefits they offer that athletic and casual alternatives don’t.

    For one, they’re made from waterproof and breathable fabrics (e.g. lycra, spandex, nylon, polyester) that guarantee to keep you nice and dry as you ride and safe from rashes. And two, they have added durability that’s crucial for withstanding the wear and tear.

    Properties like an added stretch where most needed also come in handy. And the same goes for vented panels and longer fits with longer inseams for the accommodation of knee pads.

    mtb shorts

    Since they’re as essential as men’s and women’s mountain bike jersey tops, they are also designed for your utmost comfort and safety when you consider they keep you protected from chafing in the groin and inner thigh area with the padding known as chamois. Most models, however, come with detachable liners that allow you to see what better suits you – bike underwear or padded liner shorts.

    Other useful features you’d find helpful are the different zip-closed pockets and compartments where you can store all of your crucial belongings within easy reach. This is particularly helpful if you don’t go on rides with a backpack or have a somewhat smaller hydration pack.

    MTB Jacket

    This is a must-have if you want to be protected from the weather elements, no matter if snow, wind, or rain, and make the most of year-round biking. They’re heavy-duty and made from durable and high-quality materials. As such, they are worth the investment, especially if you’re serious about MTB.

    They are equipped with everything you might need on your most challenging rides, such as padding to keep you safe from falls. Moreover, although they’re made to keep you nice and snug, they are also designed to offer breathability with the right features like strategically placed vents.

    mtb jacket

    Depending on what you most find essential in a jacket, there are those designed with roomy hoodies that you can wear over a helmet, those with roomy sleeves to fit in gloves, and those with detachable sleeves giving you the option of cycling with a vest. It’s all created for your utmost comfort!

    MTB Socks

    Unlike your regular socks, these are MTB specific and differ in material as much as in length. Again, same as with the MTB jerseys, shorts, and jackets, the socks can keep your feet nice and dry from sweat, offering the perfect environment in the shoes, shielding you from the exterior elements. Not surprisingly, these socks come in lengths that cover the ankles and calves to keep you safe from both splashes and crashes.

    mtb socks

    MTB Shoes

    Same to the MTB shorts designed to fit the MTB bike saddle and the MTB gloves to fit the MTB handlebars, these shoes can provide you with a stable ride by being the perfect fit for the pedals. They’re created with more durable soles than regular sneakers to offer more power for your pedalling.

    If you intend to use both platform and clipless pedals, keep in mind that you need cleats. Finally, if you plan to do some walking in addition to biking, opt for grippy rubber outsole footwear to make outdoor activities easier.