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    Interesting Facts: Let’s Roll Back to the History of Toilet Paper

    By on Last modified: May 22, 2020

    Among other things, the new coronavirus taught us that we shouldn’t to take anything for granted, even when it comes to toilet paper. Usually, we people tend to take things for granted, until they are no longer available, which was the case with the shortage of toilet paper during this coronavirus crisis. This crisis made us think about how people used to live in the past and made us value the simple things of life a bit more.

    Toilet Paper Roll
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    What Did They Use for Toilet Paper Before it Was Invented?

    Before toilet paper, people used literally everything for personal hygiene purposed, starting from hay, rocks, wood shavings and corn cobs. Unfortunately, a great number of these things were quite painful to use so it was then when people started using rags, leaves and moss. These were certainly less painful and more sanitary. Since in that time there were wealthy people as well, they used wool, lace and many other softer fabrics for the purpose.

    It was during the middle ages when a Chinese emperor used 2foot by 3foot sheets of paper and ever since then paper has been used for bathroom purposes. In the 15th century, newspapers were used as toilet paper because they became readily available back then. In modern times (during that period of time), Americans started using Sears & Roebuck catalogues (one of the biggest US retail stores) and The Old Farmer’s Almanac (a reference book containing weather forecast, planning charts, etc.).

    The Mass-Production of Toilet Paper

    It was in 1857 when Joseph Gayetty invented and released the commercially packed toilet paper. This paper was wet since it contained Aloe Vera and it was sold as a medical product to help prevent the appearance of hemorrhoids. This particular product was not that successful as it was too expensive for many people. However, the production of different toilet papers continued, and it was in 1871 when Zeth Wheeler patented the perforated rolls. In 1890, the Scott brand made toilet paper rolls popular and they were mainly sold to drugstores and hotels. Generally speaking, toilet paper rolls were uncomfortable to use during that time as they contained splinters.

    In the early 1900s, Americans started using indoor plumbing and flush toilets, so they tried hard to invent a toilet paper that would not damage the pipes and cause clogs. The big advancement in the toilet paper industry happened in 1928 when the Hoberg Paper Company introduced the Charmin toilet paper. Because this was a soft toilet paper, it became quite successful during that period of time.

    As you can see, toilet paper has evolved a lot over the years and today it is a necessity in every residential and commercial space. These days, you can find a lot of toilet tissue roll options on the market which range in softness, style and size.

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    The Most Commonly Used Types of Toilet Paper

    One – Ply Toilet Paper

    One-ply toilet paper has one layer of paper and it is considered one of the most affordable types. Unlike in the past, today you can find one layer toilet papers are durable and quality thanks to the innovations. Speaking from another point of view, one-ply toilet papers are also good for the septic system since this material breaks down more easily and faster than 2 and 3ply toiler paper.

    Two-Ply Toilet Paper

    As the name implies, this toilet paper has two layers of paper and it is way thicker and better than one-ply toilet paper. Depending on the brand, some of these toilet tissues are better than others, but one thing is certain, a 2 layer toilet tissue roll is way thicker, softer and more absorbent than a one-layer one.

    Three – Ply Toilet Paper

    When compared to the two aforementioned types of toilet paper, the three-ply type can hold more water and it’s more absorbent. With this type of toilet paper, there is less consumption as well.

    Toilet Paper
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    Luxury/Extra Soft Toilet Paper

    These come in different variations such as scented, lotioned, quilted and perfumed. You can opt between soft, ultra-soft, extra soft and in multiple layers. This type of toilet paper is also appropriate for those who have extremely sensitive skin. Since they luxury, thicker and more quality, they are more expensive than the other toilet paper options. However, most people can still afford them.

    These are the most popular and commonly used types of toilet papers available on the market. While there are some types of toilet rolls that are dyed and perfumed, the white and scentless type is recommended for everyday use. This is because they are considered pure and the least likely to irritate the skin.