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    Led Lighting Solutions: Lower Your Electricity Bills Without Sacrificing Style

    By on Last modified: August 4, 2017

    I know it can be hard to part with the yellowy glow of your old incandescent and halogen bulbs. After all, over the years we’ve learned to grow accustomed to them, and they simply are so seductively cheap. But the future is now. And the future is white, bright and entirely lit by LED lights!

    LED is a revolutionary technology which allows you to get the most out of lighting. Though the initial cost of LED bulbs might be higher than other bulb types, it’s an investment sure to pay off a hundredfold. First of all, LEDs have an incredibly long lifespan. With proper care, some bulbs can last for up to 25 000 hours of use. Imagine not having to buy or change a light bulb for several years.


    But being durable is not the only reason why LED lighting solutions are considered to be money savers. They are also unbelievably energy-efficient. Compared to traditional bulbs, LED lighting solutions use 75% less energy which means a household illuminated by LEDs can significantly reduce its electricity costs. In a time when electricity becomes more and more expensive each day, fitting LEDs around your home can prove to be a very smart decision.

    After you’ve heard how LED lighting solutions can affect your pocket, I bet you’re wondering about what they can do with the look of your home. Well, when looks are concerned there really is no better choice than LEDs. For one, they come in various neat designs that allow you to play with different lighting schemes. The style choices before you are endless: LED pendant lights, strip lights, pucks, panels, cans, ropes, battens, oysters. Uplighting, downlighting, task or perhaps accent lighting – the many types of LEDs can lit your home with style and grace.

    Also, LEDs offer you more versatility in terms of colour. There are many colours they can cast ranging from warm to cold. This ability to customize lighting colour can dramatically elevate a room’s appearance, your mood, and even your performance. Moreover, LED lighting solutions give the freedom to combine colours to achieve a unique and modern effect.

    I know that light colour choice is a matter of personal taste, but there are some guidelines you should consider following in order to get the best out of lighting. Cool white and natural white are great hues for ambient lighting, as they visually enlarge the space, reduce the intensity of shadows and offer better visibility. This also makes them great for reading lamps, kitchen under-cabinet lighting and outdoor spotlights. The more colourful choices of LEDs such as strip lights can be used to accent architectural features or ceiling logs in a sleek, modern way.

    All things considered, LED lighting allows you to get the best of both worlds – reduce your bills and infuse your space with style at the same time!