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    Mixed Craft Beer Packs: A Real Treat for Any Hophead

    By on Last modified: April 6, 2023

    Cracking open a cold beer is one of life’s simple pleasures that can make any day better, especially if it’s a craft brew. The reason for this lies in craft beer’s enhanced taste, that’s richer and more flavourful because of the high-quality ingredients that are mostly organically grown and certified. When you consume them in moderation, craft beers can be highly beneficial for your health and well-being. In terms of alcohol content, you can get more by volume than the commercial counterpart, as high as up to 10% or even 20% by some breweries.

    Speaking of which, to cater to the growing needs of the customers, many breweries come up with unique blends of ingredients, experimenting with different tastes, flavours, and alcohol contents to provide something that would have you talking to your family and friends about. The Australian craft beer scene certainly has plenty to offer in terms of local, national, and international brews.

    If you’d like to treat your palate to some of each, specialised shops have carefully curated mixed craft beer pack options to suit your taste and requirements. There are several benefits you can experience by choosing to buy one of these packs, even if you have a local brewery nearby.

    You Can Taste Beers from a Huge Variety


    You may not always be inclined towards experimenting with new and peculiar ingredients in your beer, such as tropical fruits, or even good old plums, but when you get yourself one of the mixed packs you’d have no other choice than to open up each of the cans or bottles you got.

    And this way, you’d actually be expanding your beer connoisseur horizons with famous and award-winning IPAs and incredibly fruity, malty, spicy, or roasted profiles of brews from craft breweries you never even heard of. Who knows, maybe the next favourite brew is an international craft beer you never would’ve imagined would suit your palate!? You’ll never know until you try!

    Don’t be surprised if the more mixed craft beer pack boxes you treat yourself to, the more inclined you are towards taking matters into your own hands with homebrewing and creating your brew. There’s a thin line between a hobby and business!

    Variety Packs Are Trendy Again


    Although these packs were largely popular at the very beginning of the craft brew expansion, they’ve come to the spotlight again in these last couple of years because of how versatile and effective they are for boosting the sales of both brewers and retailers. No matter whether you’re after some of Australia’s finest, or wouldn’t mind going international with Belgium’s specialty brews or Germany’s classics, there’s the perfect assorted box for you.

    Or perhaps you’re looking to get your hands on one of the limited-edition boxes, or style-specific packs? Whichever it is, you can be certain you’re not setting up for disappointment. And the best part of it all is you have a range of options to choose from when it comes to the volume too; if you’re buying for yourself, there are packs of up to four different brews, as opposed to the bigger six, twelve, twenty-four, or even forty-eight beers that can serve a house full of visitors.

    Interesting Packaging Designs

    Have you noticed how you’re more inclined to buy something you also find aesthetically pleasing? Well, it’s not surprising breweries are now going to great lengths in coming up with artsy, colourful, and attention-grabbing packages for the cans and bottles, so you get a mixed case beer with brews that not only taste amazing but look incredible too.

    Treat Yourself or a Loved One

    Sharing is caring, right? And, when you discover the most divine mixed pack with all sorts of brews that are simply worth the while and unforgettable, you share it with family and friends. Besides buying these packs for special occasions like entertaining at home or in your outdoor area, they make for the perfect gifts for an event as well.

    It could be a birthday party, a retirement party, a graduation party, or just because – the mixed craft beer pack is the ideal treat for any beer lover who likes to experiment with new tastes and flavours. There are also some packs assorted for the festivities like Christmas in special Advent packages, eggciting Easter Egg specials for childhood-like fun, aside from those curated particularly as gifts for birthday boys and girls to turn you into a party favourite.

    Whether it’s a one-time event or a recurring surprise, you also have the chance to choose a subscription pack and have the box delivered directly to their door on the dates you pick out for them. Whichever it is, you can count on making a lasting impression!