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    Next Level Camping Supplies for a More Comfortable Experience

    By on Last modified: December 10, 2019

    Between glamping in a carpeted tent with a comfy king-size bed and surviving in the wild eating berries, there is a safe in-between option and that is comfortable camping. What this means is that besides packing your must have camping supplies like a tent, backpack, sleeping bag, flashlight, and freeze-dried meals, you need to add a few non-essential (still depending on who you ask) camping supplies. You might not necessarily need these, but they will make your camping experience in the wild more convenient, comfy and fun. These might be electronic gadgets that you don’t want to give up on, or modern kitchen and bathroom conveniences that will prevent you from having to sacrifice the comfort of your home completely.


    Camping Shower

    There are a few ways to maintain decent camping hygiene while camping in the wild like using dry shampoo to diminish the grease off your hair roots, taking a dip in a nearby lake or river or cleaning your body with baby wipes. Still, if you like to take a proper shower, you can opt for a private shower. These camping supplies are usually in the form of pop-up tents with water heating and delivery mechanism that are easy to set up and very lightweight to be carried around. They offer a place for taking a shower, but also for using the toilet or changing your clothes in a little more privacy, which is especially needed when camping at crowded campsites.

    Camping Thongs

    These are also non-essential, but having an extra pair of camping shoes can make your experience a bit more comfortable. Imagine being able to kick off your hiking shoes after a long day on the trail and spend the rest of the day airing out your steamy feet. Well, during summertime it really can’t get any simpler than carrying an extra pair of camping thongs. There are many affordable and very lightweight options, so squeezing in a pair of flip-flops shouldn’t be an issue.



    It’s true that camping is about detaching from modern technology and getting in touch with nature. But unwinding and getting away from the tribulations of modern society doesn’t necessarily have to mean that you have to give up on all modern gadgets. It’s still necessary to have access to your smart mobile phone not just for calling but for the camera, maps, GPS books, trail maps… This is why you should invest in a solar phone charger to keep your phone charged and you happily connected. Solar phone chargers just need exposure to the sun to work. One with at least 7 watts will be enough to charge your smartphone.


    Cooking Equipment

    Having the right camping cooking supplies can also make your trip more enjoyable and homey. You don’t need a fully equipped kitchen, just a few pans and pots and a camping stove so you can make tasty and simple camping dishes like grilled vegetables, fried bacon, or roasted potatoes. To keep perishable good fresh, don’t forget to bring a portable cooler.

    If you feel like you can’t live without your morning cup of coffee (just the way you like it, that is), even when enjoying the outdoors, there is no need to drink that poor excuse for a coffee called instant coffee. You can bring a small portable espresso maker so that you can brew a rich, high-quality coffee anywhere you go.


    Camping Foam Mats

    As already mentioned, your tent and sleeping bag are essential. But why not invest in a softer surface that can lift you off a few centimeters from the ground and keep you dry and warm. Sleeping on the ground makes you lose heat and being cold is surely not a pleasant feeling. Foam camping mats that can be rolled are a decent and cheap option that will do the job right.

    Where to Buy Camping Supplies From

    When it comes to buying camping supplies, they are sold in various stores, including specialized retail outlets, big department stores and online stores like Amazon Outdoors. Although the choices of camping gear in department stores aren’t as varied as in specialized sports shops, the prices can be significantly lower. If purchasing gear at full price is not an option, you can go for a discounted and used gear like Patagonia Worn Wear or Outdoor Gear Exchange.

    You can also save some money by making your own meals instead of buying pre-made foods. Tasty oatmeal with dried fruits, nuts and seeds or couscous with spices can be placed in zipper bags and later revived with hot water. Or you can learn how to make camping supplies such as a camping shower. This, for instance, can be done by hanging a bottle upside down with small holes perforated into its lids.