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    Outdoor Entertaining: Easy Ways to Make Your Backyard a Great Spot for Outdoor Get-Togethers

    By on Last modified: February 8, 2022

    As one of the sunniest countries in the world with lots of hours of sun, those of us living in Australia should truly cherish this blessing. Being sunny and spreading positivity, unlike the constant gloominess in some Scandinavian parts, we should certainly take more advantage of it and spend most of our time outdoors.


    And what better way to unwind and get together with friends and families than in your outdoor area?! Whether small or big, outdoor areas are the perfect spot where you can enjoy the fresh air and good company, so making it as cosy and entertaining as possible is a great way to start. Creating a dreamy outdoor area isn’t that difficult. All it takes is stocking on the right furniture and investing in a few things that will make those gatherings fun and entertaining.

    Stainless Steel Gas Grill

    The warm and cosy Australian nights are screaming about getting together with your friends and family as much as you can. And these gatherings wouldn’t be the same without food, especially barbecue. Sausages, beef, ribs, chicken breasts, burgers… you name it. The truth is that you can cook and grill everything on today’s types of barbecues, especially on the range of stainless steel gas grill models.

    Practice shows that this type of grill has high heat retention properties which will result in having deliciously grilled food that will be cooked in no time. Besides its heat/knob adjustability, amazing heat retention properties, and ability to help you become the best chef without trying that hard, these grills have many other benefits.

    For starters, a gas barbeque made of stainless still can withstand the elements, and since the Australian climate is different in different parts, these barbecues are the perfect choice for outdoor use. Being made from a tough and durable material, these grills also won’t get damaged by salt, meat juice or any sauce you plan on putting while grilling the meat.

    Stainless Steel Gas Grill

    Truth be told, these barbecues have been used for quite a long, but with today’s technology and more improved features, they’re literally the first choice in every household and commercial facility, aka restaurants. Easy to use and with tons of extra features like a cool-touch handle, temperature gauge, and removable side shelves, you can benefit a lot from investing in a stainless steel grill.

    And for those of you who are interested in knowing ‘How long do stainless steel grills last?’, you can have peace of mind that with proper care and maintenance, you’ll use your neat gas bbq for at least 15 years. And by proper care we mean wipe cleaning it after every use. Simple as that! No rubbing or special cleaning treatment will be needed in order to keep it in good shape.

    Fire Pit

    Beautiful gas heaters might seem like a reasonable heating solution, but nothing can beat the charm and warmth of having a fire pit in your outdoor area. Being a fantastic focal point even during the day when not lighted, having a fire pit is becoming a more and more popular feature in outdoor areas.

    fire pit

    There are lots of materials from which you can choose like the old but gold cement and brick fire pit, copper, steel, granite and cast iron, out of which the latter seems to be the most common. The truth is that you should buy fire pit made of cast iron because it’s sturdy and durable. This material isn’t prone to rust and rot, which is the case with some other materials, and this makes it perfect even for cooking.

    Thus, it’s not strange seeing a cast iron fire pit in the form of a bowl with a stainless steel gas grill and lid where you can grill marshmallows or sausages on sticks. They can come in different shapes, sizes, looks and styles, so you could choose the model that will best match the surrounding area. So, yeah, if you truly want to buy fire pit that’s fancy-looking yet handy, the cast-iron models are a perfect choice.

    The bowl models are perfect for sitting around it with company, enjoying the pleasant warmth that comes of it while catching up and chit-chatting. Well, these nights precisely are the unforgettable ones, nights that are filled with joy and laughter. Nights that you’ll love and enjoy to recall, nights that you’ll long to repeat over and over again. But not only with company, these fire pits are also perfect to be enjoyed alone while drinking a glass of wine and reading a good book.

    Gas Smoker

    The last yet not least thing you can have in handy is a gas smoker. When compared to electric smokers, the gas models, much like the useful stainless steel gas grill, seem to be handier because they’re more portable and don’t depend on an electric cord and electricity in order to run.

    fire pit

    Usually, these smokers are vertical and small in size, and have several racks so you could cook and smoke several types of meat all at once.

    Depending on the model, some of these smokers could have a pan above the burner, allowing you to burn pellets or wood chips. Being small and portable, they don’t take up much space which means that you can use and move them in any part of your outdoor area.