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    Reasons to Buy Hand-Crafted Resin Rings

    By on Last modified: September 15, 2022

    People will always find handmade jewellery appealing. It has a special charm that you rarely find in mass-produced jewellery constrained by massive supply chains and corporate bureaucracy. Independent jewellery artists create unique pieces that you won’t find in an ordinary shop on your trip to the mall.

    Making jewellery out of resin is becoming increasingly popular these past few years. Artists around the world are creating gorgeous designs that spark your creativity and upgrade your outfits. Handmade resin rings are my favourite since they’re colourful and easy to mix and match with other accessories.

    So, what are the advantages of purchasing handcrafted rings over mass-produced jewellery? While there are many of them, I’ll focus on the top five.

    Each Piece is Unique

    picture of persons hands with resin luxury rings

    When big jewellery retailers create a new piece, they want it to appeal to as many people as possible. They also need to ensure that the items are consistent when buyers get them, which is why they include machine production. The reason for this is that they have a global presence in dozens of international marketplaces.

    In comparison, a resin luxury ring is designed and crafted by hand and it’s often the product of personal moments of inspiration or experimenting. These accessories transfer the essence of their artist through their unique and stylish designs. They’re available in a wide range of different colours and textures that give you endless styling opportunities.

    Even if the artist creates ten different replicas of a resin ring, each one will have something unique about it. The shape will be slightly different than the one before, there might be an additional indent or two on the ring’s surface, and the swirls in the resin itself will also be unique. That is part of the allure of buying handcrafted jewellery as no two items are ever the same. You’ll leave with a unique ring that is as one-of-a-kind as you are.

    How Do I Pick the Right Ring Colour?

    Resin luxury rings come in a wide range of colours, making it impossible to choose only one. This is why many people buy them in bundles that are usually centred around one or two main colours. If you typically wear a lot of colours, make sure that your rings complement your outfit and shoes. If you wear a colourful clutch, it should have a similar colour scheme to your rings.

    On the other hand, if you often wear neutral colours, pairing them with a few vibrant rings with your preferred colours will add style and interest to your look.

    You Have Access to the Ring Designer

    picture of a woman with hand crossed wearing nude dress and white resin luxury ring and resin bangle

    We’ve all dealt with a customer care representative that had little to no expertise in their business and was quite unhelpful. Situations like these happen often when you purchase jewellery from a huge company and need a return or size modification afterwards. You often wait for hours on the phone, you get useless information, and people are sometimes extremely rude. That’s not the type of customer support that you want.

    Things are a lot different when you purchase from an independent ring designer who creates their pieces by hand. In this case, it’s much easier to contact the designer and resolve your issues quickly. You will often acquire their contact information when purchasing, meaning that you will easily reach the source if you have any important questions or if you want to order a custom piece.

    Websites of independent jewellery designers are usually a lot smaller and with simpler navigation compared to those of big corporations. As a result, the whole process of jewellery shopping is simpler. You get a gorgeous, hand-crafted resin ring while creating a connection with your city’s local artist.

    High Product Quality

    Is buying handmade jewellery pricey? Sometimes it is, but you get the quality that you pay for. High-quality dyes and materials are often costlier than those with a lower quality. So, when you’re paying for a luxury ring, you’re paying for carefully sourced materials, along with that artist’s time, creativity, and energy that they used to make that piece.

    Additionally, handcrafted jewellery pieces include a lot more details. This is because small businesses have a bigger opportunity to be creative when designing their products, as they don’t appeal to quick trends on the online jewellery market.

    You’re Helping a Local Business Thrive

    picture of a persons hand over a magazine with rasin luxury rings

    Even though this seems obvious, it’s an important factor when buying handcrafted pieces. The modern “shop local” trend has helped many small businesses thrive in their field. Ordering from a local small business instead of a large corporation means helping your local economy thrive.

    No matter how much success they achieve, small jewellery businesses can’t keep up with all the mass-produced low-quality jewellery we have today. That’s why we, as a community, should support them in creating gorgeous works of art. So, make sure to check out your trusted Australian ring designer and pick out one of the unique pieces.

    The Problem with Mass-Produced Jewellery

    Big jewellery retailers have large websites with massive inventories. When you’re not looking for anything specific, this is a great way to find some inspiration, but are all of those jewellery pieces high-quality?

    When it comes to mass-produced jewellery, there are tonnes of details that we don’t know, such as the jewellery artist, the source of the materials, the way the jewellery is manufactured etc. Most times, pieces with extremely low prices are crafted in third-world countries by low-paid employees that work in a terrible working environment which isn’t the case with the local jewellery designers.