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    Reasons to Start Using Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

    By on Last modified: April 8, 2022

    Being eco-friendly is becoming more important every day. From what we eat to what we wear and what we build our house of, all of these things matter. We need to focus on not harming our already damaged planet, starting with turning out the lights when we don’t use them, buying eco-friendly products, recycling anything we can, and ultimately, changing our way of living with a sustainable and environmentally friendly one.

    Eco-friendly products are now widely available: food, kitchen items, clothes, self-care products, cleaning products, etc. By using these products, we help our planet, keep our family safe from harsh chemicals and maintain a healthy life.


    Starting With Eco-Friendly Cleaning

    Did you know that around 80,000 to 140,000 chemicals are found globally in our wastewaters? This is a huge number that concerns eco-activists and organizations worldwide. We are so used to chemical-filled cleaning products that we don’t even think about their ingredients and what impact they have on our health. A clean house doesn’t have to mean a chemicals-filled place.

    Safer for Our Health

    Chemical-filled products are a hazard in our homes. How many times have you found your child opening the cupboard and playing with them? Or are your pets licking the bottles or spilling them on your carpet? If they ingest any of these chemicals, it can go downhill in many ways. To prevent this from happening, try to switch to natural alternatives. Because of the chemicals we might feel lightheaded, allergic reactions and asthma may appear, and skin irritations are common.

    A general misconception is that cleaning products with strong odours do a better job than low or completely odourless products. This is not true; if the place is truly clean, it shouldn’t smell at all. These strong smells can give you and your family headaches and a feeling of unpleasantness because of their ingredients. For some people, vomiting can be a common problem.


    Cleaner Air

    When we use cleaning products filled with chemicals, we put our health at risk. While cleaning with these products, many toxic fumes are released into the air. They evaporate, and without knowing it, we inhale them into our bodies. Many health issues may appear, such as asthma and respiratory diseases. They can be very damaging to our lungs, blood system, and heart. Natural cleaning products don’t contain any of those chemicals. Their ingredients are eco-friendly and often smell fresh and aromatic. This means clean air for you, your family and your pets.

    Good for the Environment

    Even though household cleaning products are often not recognized as toxic and damaging to the environment, they have a more significant impact than we think. They can be a part of the pollution, have a big impact on drinking water quality, and are toxic to animals. On the other hand, premium quality eco friendly cleaning products don’t contain chemicals like nitrates, chlorine and phosphates, which can affect our quality of living, both physically and mentally.

    Some of the most common chemicals found in cleaning products and their side effects are:

    • Phthalates – known as an endocrine disruptors;
    • Perchloroethylene – loss of coordination and dizziness;
    • Triclosan – hormonal disbalance, possibly cancerogenic and damaging to algae;
    • QUATS – skin irritation, respiratory disorders;
    • Butoxyethanol – sore throat, liver and kidney damage;
    • Ammonia – powerful irritant, asthma, bronchitis;
    • Chlorine – irritates the skin, causes respiratory issues, thyroid disrupter;

    Our fragile ecosystem can’t keep up with the number of toxic ingredients released into its veins. By becoming more conscious and using natural, biodegradable products, we can try to revive our planet and reduce the damage done. When natural cleaning products reach our waters or soil, they become part of our environment without causing damage.


    The cost of producing eco friendly cleaning products is far lower than making toxic cleaners. That’s why they’re cheaper. Green cleaning products are less abrasive and won’t damage your furniture, flooring and working surfaces; this saves you money on replacing all of those things. Also, many of these products are multi-purpose and will clean multiple surfaces. With these savings, you can buy yourself a new TV, invest in the stock market or surprise your child with a new eco-friendly toy.

    Make Cleaning Easier

    You’ll be faster and more efficient while cleaning your entire home when you have just a few products that can do the job. In comparison with toxic products specifically designed and produced for a particular purpose. You must buy cleaning products for flooring, toilets, bathtubs, window, kitchen sinks, and plastic surfaces separately. This is not the case with natural ones. Very often, one product can serve multiple cleaning purposes and save you time searching which product was for which surface. Another good thing is that you don’t have to worry about stains or mix different chemicals while cleaning.

    Products Used in Natural Cleaners

    We know what types of chemicals are used in regular cleaning products and how harmful they can be to our health and the environment. But what about natural ones? What do they contain? Baking soda, limestone and quartz are very common, along with white vinegar and sweet-basil oil. You can do most of these cleaning products in your own home, and these are the essential ingredients.


    White Vinegar

    White vinegar can change your cleaning regime forever. Our grandmothers and mothers used this ingredient in their homes for many purposes. It’s very versatile and can be used to clean floors, remove stains out of carpets and clothes, help with plumbing issues, and clean windows. It gets rid of rust and water stains, and it’s a great disinfectant and deodorizer.

    Baking Soda

    Baking soda is in the top 3 natural cleaning agents. It’s often combined with lemon and white vinegar to get the desired effect, but it can do many things on its own. It’s great for absorbing odour and will do a great job making the refrigerator smell nice. Cleaning the children’s toys is also something it can do. If you have an oil-burned pan, just let it sit overnight covered in baking soda and hot water. This will remove any burnt stains and make the pan look like you’ve just bought it from the store. Combining it with a damp cloth, you can use it to clean your sink, oven and tub. You can even make your carpet freshener if you mix it with essential oils.


    When life gives you lemons, don’t just make lemonade; use those lemons to clean your house and make it smell fresh. They are so multi-purpose that you can use them in every room in the house, but mainly in the kitchen. Combine it with water and baking soda, and you get a great stain remover for your stove and oven. You can eliminate odours from trash cans or garbage disposals. If you have a wooden cutting board, squeeze a few drops to remove odours and prevent them from combining.


    Olive Oil

    Even though it’s primarily used for cooking and creating delicious dishes, olive oil can also be used in the cleaning department. You can use it to polish surfaces such as jewellery, wood furnishings, hardwood floors and metal cookware. If you have squeaky doors, a few drops on the hinges will make them silent in no time.

    To Summarize

    Now that you know the health benefits of natural cleaning products, you can start using them and make a difference in the world. Start small and build up as time goes by and get educated on the subject. Mix and match home products that work as cleansing agents for a cleaner and fresher home everyone in the family will enjoy.