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    Relaxation: Bring Some Calm Into Your Soul (and Your Home)

    By on Last modified: December 28, 2020
    Woman relaxing with book

    In this fast-paced life, between family and work, it can be easy to forget to take some off time for yourself. But when a crisis strikes, the need to relieve stress can be crucial for both your physical and mental health. Whether you are feeling anxious over work, money, health or family worries, taking time to relax on your own can be incredibly healthy and restorative. From creating a calming environment and routine to indulging in a DIY spa day, here are some ways to bring some calm into your soul and home. 

    Burn Natural Beeswax Candles

    Close up picture of natural beeswax candles

    Who doesn’t love the soft glow of a candle burning and the feeling of calm that comes over you when a candle is lit? However, if you use scented candles, you should be careful. Research has shown that scented candles emit harmful chemicals into the air. Plus, the majority of scented candles are made with paraffin wax, which is a petroleum waste product that can also be harmful. That being said, burning beeswax candles is the safest choice. 
    What are beeswax candles? Beeswax is a natural, non-toxic substance that bees use to construct their honeycombs. When cleaned and filtered, it can be used to make safe candles. Some people prefer beeswax candles over paraffin candles not only because it’s a natural product but also because it takes around 33 million visits to flowers for bees to create a single pound of beeswax, so they feel beeswax has a stronger spiritual connection to the power and productivity of nature than other types of candles. But for many, the benefits for overall health and wellbeing are the main reason to buy products made from honey and beeswax instead of the paraffin candles. 


    Burning a candle can help you feel relaxed and can aid in stress relief and meditation. The natural, sweet honey scent of beeswax candles can help you get into a soothing mood without being overwhelming as artificially scented candles can become. 

    Lower Toxicity

    Burning a paraffin candle can emit traces of chemicals known to be carcinogenic into the air, something that is not a problem with beeswax candles. Because they are all-natural, they don’t produce any toxic byproducts and heavy soot when burned. 

    Neutralising Pollutants

    When burned, beeswax candles produce negative ions that help to neutralise some of the pollutants in the air. This can help to eliminate dust, odours and mould in the atmosphere, easing allergy and asthma symptoms while improving breathing for anyone nearby. 
    When shopping for products made from honey and beeswax, it is important to make sure they are of high quality to reap most of their health benefits. The candles should be 100% beeswax without any added colours or chemicals that can taint the wax and negate its natural benefits. Also, look for beeswax candles with cotton wicks as they have the fewest toxins and are the most beneficial.

    Diffuse Essential Oils 

    Close up picture of diffusing essential oil

    There’s another natural way to enjoy pleasant scents in your home – diffusing essential oils. Using natural aromatherapy oils in a diffuser can help reduce stress and anxiety, so you can calm down after a stressful meeting at work or a busy day taking care of the family. Aromatherapy diffusers can also help you create a stress-free environment for a beneficial yoga practice
    Affordable and easy to introduce into a daily or nightly routine, there is a variety of natural aromatherapy oils to help you relax, both mentally and physically. 


    The most popular oil of all, lavender is a soothing scent that’s long been associated with relaxation and also used as a natural remedy for anxiety. It’s also probably the most rigorously studied essential oil. Different research has shown that lavender has anxiety-reducing effects as well as beneficial effects on depression. Lavender also has sedative effects, which means it can help you fall asleep easier.  


    Vanilla oil has a sweet scent that’s appealing to many and it’s commonly used for relaxation and stress relief. Like lavender, vanilla also has sedative effects on the body. It has been found to reduce hyperactivity and restlessness and calm the nervous systems. If the smell of cookies baking relaxes and soothes you, vanilla might be the scent for you to try to relax without the calories. 


    This simple and well-know fragrance comes with a few surprises. Typically, people use lemon essential oil to freshen up their energy when sluggish or tired. But studies have shown that lemon oil has some pretty effective calming and soothing properties as well. The refreshing citrusy smell of lemon will instantly make you feel good, safe and calm. 

    Soak in the Bath

    Woman in a bath

    One of the easiest ways to indulge with an affordable spa day at home is by finding time for a luxurious bath. Set the mood with beeswax candles, diffusing essential oils and relaxing music. Make the bath even more special by using bubbles or a bath bomb with essential oils, calming scents and fun colours. You may also want to try a face mask and even a glass of awesome sparkling wine for the utmost unwinding experience. 

    Indulge in an At-Home Massage

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    Plan a time with your significant other so you can give each other a calming massage. If you are all alone, no problem. Consider getting a handheld massager which you can use by yourself to get rid of tension knots. And while high-quality massage chairs can get pricey, an affordable option can be a seat cushion massager, which you can use at home as well as in the car.