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    The Purpose Of Yoga

    By on Last modified: February 16, 2016

    Yoga has definitely become more trivialized over the years. It has been misrepresented and packaged time and time again for profit with exercise programs and DVD’s. This has led to a lot of confusion as to what the purpose of yoga actually is.


    Yoga is defined as a science using many techniques to help human beings connect with their deepest natures. It’s not religious but more a self study as to who we are and because it does not contradict any religion, it is free to be practiced by anyone regardless of what they believe. Today, yoga has become an essential part of many people’s lives helping them to relieve stress and expanding the space for joy and creativity in our everyday lives. You can easily join classes and find all the gear you need (from mat straps, belts and blankets to mats, cushions and blocks) at a yoga shop online.

    One of the most important teachings of yoga has to do with our nature as human beings; our true natures go beyond the limits of our minds and human potential. Hence, the purpose of yoga is to unite ourselves completely with our highest natures which is believed to be achieved by practicing the different exercises of yoga and meditation. Yoga is practiced to stop identifying ourselves with our limitations and to stop defining ourselves on our feeling of sorrow, insecurity and fear.

    Yoga is here to teach us that although we may have many technologies and material goods, we are still lacking in social peace, wisdom and happiness. We have accomplished little of lasting value which can be solved when we start searching for inner peace, tranquility and wisdom which yoga is trying to teach. It is a practical science aimed to help humans become aware of their ultimate natures.

    The thing most beginners seem to struggle with, is the restlessness of the human mind. Our minds are unsteady and to reach the highest state of meditation, our minds need to be calm and serene; our minds need to get rid of negative emotions and any cravings or desires. Meditation is something that can help us achieve peace and harmony so it should be done daily to be able to carry out life’s duties with a little more love and devotion.

    There are a few prerequisites that make starting yoga a little easier and that is good health, calm mind, sincerity and a desire to rise above your imperfections and those of others. Your health should be maintained with a balanced diet, a good sleeping pattern, physical exercise and relaxation. An imbalance in these things can create and emotional imbalance which could disturb your yoga and meditation. Everything in life should aim to be a balance of everything and this will defiantly help with your yoga.

    Now last but not least, it’s important for you to know that there are different types of yoga and each one will offer you something new.

    • Hatha yoga is focused more on the body and breathing exercises which help you become more aware of your inner state.
    • Karma yoga aims to teach its students to live unselfishly and successfully in the world without feeling burdened or stressed.
    • Jnana yoga is focused on knowledge and wisdom and involves much mental discipline.
    • Bhakti yoga is a yoga of devotion and love and devoting all human resources to attaining the ultimate reality.
    • Kundalini yoga is highly technical and will require a teacher to learn the methods to awaken the vital force that is dormant in everybody.
    • Mantra yoga uses sounds called mantras and are used for concentration, self purification and meditation.
    • Raja yoga is scientific and teaches us to refine our desires, emotions and thoughts.

    You should always seek guidance or do further research to find out what yoga is right for you. Do the same with yoga gear which you can either buy in retail stores or you can easily search for a reliable yoga shop online.