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    Yoga: The Trends That Work for Everyone

    By on Last modified: June 12, 2019

    We’ve come to see all sorts of health and well-being trends appear and then disappear just like that over the years without making any impact, but yoga is one of those that continue firmly mostly because it’s great for everyone.

    This is due to the fact there are many different types of yoga emerging, so there’s the right type for anyone, no matter whether you’re a beginner or a pro, no matter your age or physical abilities. Also, what’s ideal about yoga is you don’t have to go to a studio to be able to make the most of it, you can turn your own home, the favourite room or spot in it, as your yoga studio.

    yoga equipment

    Besides, it won’t break your bank in doing so thanks to how affordable yoga equipment is. It depends on you which supplies you choose to work with, based on your preference as well as how flexible you are and how well you do with balance, so while some only need a mat to do the asanas, or even no mat at all, others require the help of additional props such as yoga balls, rollers, blocks and belts.

    In case you find the floor to be too uncomfortable for you, at least for the asanas that require you to stretch more, lie down, do pranayama or meditation, then you should acquire support yoga equipment like the bolsters, blankets and cushions. If you’re going through some illness, injury, or have some disability, there’s a way also: chair yoga and all you need is a chair to do it.

    Yes, it’s never been easier to make yoga part of your life, it’s a decision that’s both cost-efficient and time-efficient. Besides, you also have the chance to opt for eco-friendly solutions in terms of materials if you’re concerned about the environment and take sustainability seriously which would lead to practicing yoga outdoors too, in fresh air.

    Over the years we’ve been seeing a variety of yoga trends appear that work great for certain people, for example yoga accompanied by dogs, cats, goats, horses and now even snakes, then drinker’s favourite – wine yoga, but if you’re not up for something on the edge, then you could try something in between fun and simple, in the form of aerial yoga.

    Though we’re trying to fight the digital addiction, it’s not that easy for all of us, so if you can’t beat it great news is you can still make a way with it: welcome digital yoga, the latest trend! All you need is your electronics, playing some tutorials from yoga instructors and feel like you’re in a yoga studio without even having to pay for it.