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    Rose Wine: The Taste of Summer

    By on Last modified: November 3, 2015

    Rose is a wine that has been made for centuries but unfortunately, has been put down for a long time. Only in the recent past has its popularity begin to rise again. Many wine manufacturers have even had to step up their workload to meet the demand that’s coming in. Rose in the past was quite unpleasant mainly due to poor winemaking, but these days it’s changed. Winemakers have upped their game when it comes to producing rose and you can find many decent bottles of different rose wine taste, from dry to refreshing and gorgeous. This wine would be perfect for the summer when dining outside, for a picnic or just as a nice glass in the afternoon.

    Rose was first made in France and Spain; it’s the product of the early stages of winemaking when pale grape juice bleeds of the red grapes. It was made as a light wine for the summertime and is usually produced and comes in many different varieties from Pinot Noir, Syrah, Cabernet, Cinsault, Grenache, which all vary in colour and flavour. It’s known by many names depending on the region, including Rosé in France, Rosado in Spain, Rosato in Italy, and Blush in the U.S.


    A nice Rose is made with modern white wine making techniques that are used on red grapes, which keeps the freshness and fruit aromas and flavours while removing any tannins and colours. The grape skin is what contains tannins and colours so the winemaker will usually remove these in a matter of hours. Wine is then fermented in stainless steel tanks to ensure the freshness of the flavours and to provide temperature control. Most good Rose wines will not be a mixture of white grapes and red grapes but this does not apply to sparkling Rose, as the sparkling aspect is made by mixing different grapes from different years.

    The most appealing part as to why people are drawn to Rose is, of course, the prettiness of the colour. Not all Rose wines are made with the same colour, it really all depends on how much time that particular wine has spent with the skin of the grape on. The colours can vary from a pale beige, orange, salmon pink, rose petal pink, tomato red and pomegranate pinks. In Spain and Italy, some of the darker coloured Rose wines are called Clarete or Chiaretto, to be able to tell them apart from other wines. Rose wine taste is almost like wonderful red wine flavours that have been combined with the crisp acidity that you only get from white wine. This is especially great for someone who wants to avoid the high alcohol content of red wine and it can appeal to anyone whether you like red or white wines.

    Rose is not a wine that is typically aged so get it while it’s fresh and it should be a great match with summer dining. Some great food pairings for Rose include ham, salami or pate, you can also pair it with barbecue foods, a mild curry pair nicely also; and for a classic take on pairings, you should try Rose with a fish soup. You can find great Rose wine almost anywhere these days so check your local wine store or you can shop a great variety online and have it delivered straight to your door so you can try the rose wine taste today.