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    Sexy Valentine Lingerie – Unveil Your Most Seductive Self

    By on Last modified: January 16, 2019

    After 10 years of being married to the love of my life, I still wear my sexy lingerie every once in a while, and by that I mean – every chance I get when the kids are not at home and I have enough time to put myself in the mood. And why wouldn’t I, those moments are what keeps the spark alive, even more so when most of your days consist of running errands, getting the kids ready for school, me ready for work, cleaning the house…That vicious cycle seems to never stop and sometimes you tend to neglect the passion between you two.


    The one thing I know my hubby can’t resist is sexy lingerie and that’s exactly what I’m looking to buy for the upcoming Valentine’s day. As I said, so far I’ve bought my fair share of underwear and I know exactly what to look for in a set of lingerie and the effect it has on my love life, but do you? Here’s how sexy lingerie can help heat things up in your bedroom. You can thank me later.

    Makes You Feel Young and Full of Life


    Aside from helping create intimacy, sexy lingerie also makes you feel good about yourself. Wearing provocative lingerie will help you realize that you are still sensual, desirable, and make your husband crave your sexy body. This year, choose sexy valentine lingerie in his favourite colour and let him rip it right off of you.

    Keeps the Passion Alive


    No one wants the passion between them and their partner to die down. Whether you go for a more delicate or erotic piece, I don’t doubt it your partner will be able to resist you. I can tell from my experience, trying out something new will break your boundaries and will make you feel incredibly seductive and feminine. Invest in a sexy push-up bra and lacy low-rise panties to show him your best features. He’ll sure realize how lucky he is to have such a hot woman right next to him.

    Ignites Fantasies

    You won’t ignite his fantasies wearing your old grandma style white panties – that’s for sure. In fact, you will probably turn him off. So do yourself a favor and get his creative juices flowing wearing a piece of sexy valentine lingerie. I bet you will love seeing yourself like this. Think a black satin thong and a matching push-up bra. And yes, leave your hair down.

    Improve your Appearance


    Besides making you feel much more seductive and like you could take on the world, wearing sexy lingerie will also make every dress you wear look much better. It will enhance your curves and your clothes will fit better. Be that a corset, a nice push-up bra or satin thongs – just pick something you like and wear it the next time you two go to dinner. Time to get out of your comfort zone and into that sexy piece of lingerie that makes things happen. It’s showtime, baby!